Use the Seven Days of Christmas for Team Building Fun

Use the Seven Days of Christmas for Team Building Fun

The seven days before Christmas can be used for great team building fun. When team members participate in the Seven Days of Christmas, they will each put their name on a piece of paper, fold the paper up, and put it in a big box. When all of the names are in the box, the box will be passed around and each team member will take out a name. Let the team building fun begin!

Deciding on a Gift

Now that each team member has a name, tell the team what the team building fun will entail. Instruct them each to take some time to decide on small gifts that they will give to his or her assigned person. A gift will be given on each of the Seven Days of Christmas. No one will know who has whose name, which will make the tiny gifts even more special. The gifts can cover a wide range.

Team members should be creative in their gift choices, and they shouldn’t forget that a gift can often be a kind deed. One team member might make sure her person has a hot cup of coffee and a Christmas doughnut waiting at his desk when he arrives to work one morning. Another team member might build a small terrarium that can sit on a desktop for his or her recipient. Someone might festively decorate the recipient’s cubicle when he or she steps out for lunch one day. One morning someone might find a Christmas cake on a desk, or a tray of cupcakes. Someone else might get to work to find Christmas music softly playing in her office, the CD player on her desk courtesy of her secret gift giver. Another person might find a miniature Christmas tree built with candy canes sitting in a cubicle corner.

The possibilities for gifts, especially around the holidays, are endless. Your team members will find this team building fun and rewarding, and it allows them each to take a moment and show appreciation for another team member.

Wrapping Up the Team Building Fun

On the last day of Christmas team building fun, have your team members meet for some holiday drinks and treats. Make sure you have plenty of hot chocolate, eggnog, and cranberry juice, as well as an array of Christmas cakes, cookies, and candy. If you really want to make them happy, think about providing fondue!

During the gathering have the team members take some time to share with the group all of the gifts they received throughout the week and learn who the joyful giver was.