Use Team Building Hands On Activities to Celebrate the Holidays

Use Team Building Hands On Activities to Celebrate the Holidays

Using team building hands on activities to celebrate the holidays can unite your team and provide them with a creative outlet for coordinating and collaborating.

The Quilt Project

This is one of the team building hands on activities that will have your team work together to create one Christmas quilt. You will provide a wide variety of fabrics, thread, batting, needles, scissors, pins, safety pins, bias bars, thimbles, rotary cutters, and rulers. Give each team member an allotted amount of time, one or two hours, to create two squares to be added to the quilt, with an emphasis on uniqueness. Team members can make squares that have special meanings for them or that are specifically holiday themed.

When each team member completes his or her squares, the team can then decide together what will be the best approach to assembling the quilt. This will take time and patience, and the team can split up or rotate duties. Provide the team with Christmas treats and beverages as they work together on this labor of love. Unlike some other team building hands on activities, when this project is complete, each team member will be a witness to how each individual effort is a very unique part of the whole.

The Christmas Painting

This is one of the team building hands on activities that will have your team members painting to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. The goal of this activity is to create one big Christmas painting as a team. Teamwork and togetherness are the foundation for most team building hands on activities, and this is no exception. Provide your team with a very large canvas that has already been stretched and framed, as well as a wide variety of paints and brushes, and cleanup materials. Give each team member thirty minutes to plan and design what their contribution will be to the overall painting. Remind them that the painting must be based on Christmas.

After the thirty minutes are up, ask three team members to volunteer to be the first painters. Once your volunteers have been determined, have one start painting on the far left of the canvas, one on the far right, and the last one in the middle. As each team members finishes his or her painting, another team member will replace him or her. By the time every team member has added his or her own painting, the big painting will be complete. Team members will be amazed, again, by how the individual efforts add to the whole.

Using Team Building Hands On Activities as Creative Exercises

Team building hands on activities can be extremely useful creative exercises that bond the team and spur creativity and imagination. Take advantage of these activities whenever you feel your team members are in a slump or could just use an added spark or inspiration.