Use Group Team Building Activities to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Use Group Team Building Activities to Celebrate the Fourth of July

You can use group team building activities as a way to pull the team together to work on different skills.

One of these group team building activities that you can do in the summer to celebrate the Fourth of July is to have your team work together to build a miniature golf course. They can build the course outside, in a park, company yard, or a vacant area of a parking lot. If no outdoor space is available, they can build the course in a cleared out conference room.

Gather Materials

The team can build its course using a variety of materials, including cinder blocks or bricks, aluminum siding, cardboard boxes, bricks, wood, chicken wire, gardening stakes, or any other material that will work. Provide the team with a limited budget for materials and tools, and have team members bring in whatever they might have at home that might be useful, also.

The main step in building the course will be the planning stage. Team members will work together to create a blueprint of the miniature golf course and decide what materials they want to use and need. This is one of those group team building activities that will focus on innovation.

Plan the Course

When the team plans the miniature golf course, they can use a variety of designs. They might want to build a maze, by placing bricks in parallel lines, with a middle island of blocks placed at an angle to direct players to the maze’s right side. Team members should put the cinderblocks in locations where players can make bank shots.

Other holes that the team can build include a raised tunnel, using bricks, cinderblocks, planks of wood, and wire. The wire can be used to make a tube, and cinderblocks and wood can be used to make two towers. The plank in front will rest on the top of one tower. This creates a small lip so that the ball can drop into the wire tube. The plank in the back of the tower should be level with the tower’s top and held up with supports. Team members can then arrange bricks in paths on one side of the tunnel. They should use an L-shape that has an embankment in the corner and a back that is wide open, with a plank or cinderblock below the downhill ramp for ricochets.

Other holes that the team might want to design include a bumper ball hole, a hole with a chute made out of an old rain gutter, or a mousetrap hole made out of a weighted down cardboard box with doors.

Group Team Building Activities Spur Creativity

Any time you think your team might be in a slump, spark their creativity energies and innovation by using group team building activities. They will unite the team for a common cause and give them an outlet that is both challenging and fun.