Use a Christmas Carnival as an Indoor Team Building Event

Use a Christmas Carnival as an Indoor Team Building Event

You can use Christmas as an opportunity to create a fun and entertaining indoor team building event. Almost every company or organization throws virtually the same Christmas party every year, with piped in music, drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and light-hearted office talk. Why not change things up?

Consider getting employees and their families involved during the holiday season by having a Christmas carnival instead of a party. This indoor team building event will foster team unity and require team members to use a variety of skills as they create the carnival atmosphere. Team members will need to work together as they provide activities, develop games, and provide food for the event. Break your team down into smaller teams that will address the different tasks. The Game Developers will create the carnival games, the Activity Makers will develop various activities, and the Christmas Chefs will decide what kind of food to serve.

The Game Developers

With this indoor team building event, the game developers will need to brainstorm, problem solve, and create together to deliver the games they need. The game developers have to decide on, plan, develop, and build a minimum of seven carnival games, using the supplies and resources that they can acquire. Many games are fitting for a carnival, especially a Christmas carnival. One team member can provide a spin-the-wheel game and make a Christmas Wheel-of-Fortune, labeling each section with a Christmas-related prize, like a candy cane, a decoration, or maybe even a lump of coal. Another team member can make a game named Snow Blow that entails taping four plastic cups to a table’s edge and putting small prizes in the cups. Each player gets an empty toilet paper roll and tries to blow ping pong balls over the table and into a cup. The player who gets the ball in the cup wins the prize. Another member can build a Pin-the-Tail-on-Rudolph game. Game options are endless.

The Activity Makers

The activity makers for this indoor team building event have the task of coming up with interactive and fun activities. These team members must plan and develop at least seven carnival activities that will engage the children and keep them happy and full of Christmas joy. The activities can be as elaborate or as simple as the activity makers want them to be. One activity maker can set up an ornament decorating booth with Styrofoam balls and a variety of decorations from which to choose. Another activity maker can set up a booth for face painting, and another one might create a game of “musical sleighs” and use Christmas music throughout the game.

The Christmas Chefs

The Christmas Chefs of this indoor team building event are the team members who decide what Christmas goodies to provide to the carnival attendees. The Chefs should determine what their budget is before they begin to plan. They should also make sure that the treats follow the Christmas theme. Depending on what the chefs decide, they can delegate different duties. If they decide they want to rent a cart on which chestnuts can be roasted, one of the chefs can man the cart. Another chef can be responsible for making sure that the kettle of hot chocolate remains warm and full. Treats that the chefs might offer can include decorated cookies and cupcakes, candy canes, and peanut brittle. The choices available to them are bountiful.

 A Seasonal Indoor Team Building Event with a Merry Ending

This seasonal indoor team building event not only unites your team with a common goal that is fun and creative, but it also takes advantage of their skills as planners, creators, developers, and communicators. This will be a great way to share the holidays with fellow team members and their families and to spread some joy and merriment.