Use the Seven Days of Christmas for Team Building Fun

Three Ways Team Building Can Brighten Your Holiday Season

If Halloween is almost here, it often feels like it might as well be New Year’s Eve.  The holiday season moves that fast.  With family gatherings, festive parties and gift giving galore, October to January can feel like a blur.  One easy way to make sure that you enjoy the holiday celebrating instead of feeling overwhelmed is to plan ahead.  This is as true for your work life as it is for your personal life.  Check out these three reasons that team building events can be a perfect fit for your work team this holiday season:

Bringing People Together

The holiday season is all about bringing together family, friends and often strangers to enjoy good food and great company. In fact, you could almost say that the holidays are like one big team building event. The leadership skills you use to manage your team can come in handy when gathering around a holiday feast with your dearest family.

Focusing on the Positive

In a season that emphasizes gratitude, bringing together your work team for a team building event creates an opportunity to highlight the successes of another year. Take time to focus on what is working well and how your team can continue to build on those gains in the new year. It is a time to highlight strengths and focus on positive goals and outcomes.

Giving Back

Team building activities and events come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the goal you have for your team and organization.  During the holiday season, it might be time to consider a charity team building event.  Events where your team helps build bicycles for local children or gathers food or household goods for families in need makes a difference to both your team and the greater community. No matter how long your list becomes this holiday season, organizing a team building event can brighten the season for your team and make a difference for your community.  The key is to plan ahead in order to make the season shine.