Team Fusion ™ for Achieving Your Team Objectives…Even During the Holidays

Our Team Fusion™ workshop is designed for getting results when your team is facing challenges. For this reason, it’s a bit different from our other team building activities, which lean more towards a fun, fast-paced learning environment. Bring us your goal and we’ll customize a Team Fusion™ workshop that will help your team become more effective in areas they need it the most.

Team Fusion Team BuildingBy selecting Team Fusion™ during the Holidays, we can make sure they’ll not only improve their workplace skills but also engage in a little Holiday spirit as well! After all, we’re not taking the fun out of team building. We’re simply making it more tangible.

What Challenge is Your Team Facing?

We all know any team can benefit from improved skills, but some situations require additional help:

  • If your team is new, or has a lot of new members and has trouble forming a cohesive working group, Team Fusion™ can help.
  • If your company is experiencing change and your team needs help adjusting to a new structure, Team Fusion™ can help in the area of corporate change.
  • Is your company growing? Sometimes teams can experience growing pains. Team Fusion™ is the perfect workshop if you’d like to ease them through the transition.

Team Fusion™ is Not Formula Driven

No two Team Fusion™ workshops are alike. That’s because we begin the curriculum design by listening to you. The first step is learning about your goals, and what challenges your team faces. Then, we
put our highly trained curriculum designers to work developing the right mix of challenging and motivating modules together for a day of intense team development training in a classroom setting.

For the Holidays, we add another level of customization so everyone feels a little end-of-year spirit as well. The result of this extra bit of customization is a results-oriented workshop that adds interactive
initiatives and a bit of fun to an intensely focused training module that revolves around your objectives and desired outcomes.

Uniquely Designed for Your Team

Our highly skilled facilitators will conduct a needs assessment consultation and then determine which specific modules, and assessment tools will engage your team most effectively. If your group is a leadership team, Team Fusion™ takes on another dimension, adding elements from our Campfire Leadership program as well as a look at personality styles for leaders.

By focusing on the objectives right from the beginning, we are taking the Covey approach to custom design each workshop…all to ensure that your specific goals are met.

This Holiday Workshop is Just the Beginning for Your Team

Since team building is an ongoing process, especially when a team is facing challenges, Team Fusion™ doesn’t end when the workshop is over. We encourage your team to gain powerful insights from the training by asking them What are the next steps? and How do we continue this development? After all, the end of the Team Fusion™ workshop is just the beginning for your team!