Team Building For Charity: Step Up And Putt Up

Whoever suggested that you “give until it hurts” obviously didn’t understand the true meaning of giving, and if you’ve ever been involved in team building for charity, you know what I mean. Giving rocks! It’s wonderful! And it can be fun! Take our amazing Puttin Pantry™ Holiday Team Building Workshop, for example. No pain, just gain – gaining the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a needy family and enjoying the journey.

Some Assembly Desired

Where else can you combine a goofy game of golf with the joy of donating much needed clothing and other non-perishable items to your neighbors in need?  Using a large swath of astroturf, you and your colleagues will be challenged to build a miniature golf course out of the clothing, shoes, toiletries, and non-perishable foodstuffs to be donated afterward to someone in your own community.

Putt-Putting Your Energy Where Your Heart Is

You’ll assemble more than the props for a game or a giveaway. This assembly will be a meeting of hearts, minds, and values among people about whom you’ve known little more than their professional skill sets. You can tell a lot about the items people donate to charity. You can learn even more by how they play games. Learning about your coworkers and yourself may be the biggest takeaway of the day.

Your golf course and your game can be as wacky as you like. That’s the whole point! You’re freed from creative inhibitions to be as whimsical and imaginative as you want to be.

Puttin-Pantry-Team-Building-LogoMiniature golf can be a metaphor for how to live life – play through and avoid obstacles. The Puttin Pantry™ Holiday Team Building Workshop is a metaphor for how to work effectively. This charity team building experience teaches the importance of goodwill, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and paying it forward – all admirable and desirable attributes in any work environment.