Team Building Adventure: Giving Thanks For The Opportunity To Give

Wouldn’t it be great to break with tradition and embark on a team building adventure that sets this holiday season apart from the rest?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which is pretty crazy since Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet. Nevertheless in this brave new world of consumer-mania, Christmas baubles start sprouting up like mushrooms in stores across the country right next to the Halloween costumes – and that’s in September!  Right across the aisle from the plastic pumpkins, witch wands and candy corn are packs of tin foil tinsel waiting to adorn artificial Christmas trees.

Just think what it could do for the morale of your whole office if you did something that actually made a difference in someone’s life. Imagine how much better you’d feel about yourselves and about what your company stands for. It might make you feel better than spending an hour on your therapist’s couch.

Giving Back

Remember the professor who didn’t give up on you? Remember the big break your first manager gave you? You may be a big noise at your office, but you know deep down that if it weren’t for these heroes of your past, you wouldn’t be where you are today.

Here’s a chance to give back by paying it forward. Team up with your local police department, firefighters, hospital administrators, Red Cross, social service organizations or even the school system. In this exciting team building adventure, you and your colleagues get to be the heroes this time by donating your time, talent, money and resources.

You might build a bear, a bike or a wheelchair. What child wouldn’t appreciate a sack stuffed with school supplies hidden under a big teddy bear? In the process, you might build some bridges between well deserving families in your community and your company. You could also build relationships with your co-workers that transcend the corporate arena.

Becoming a better professional is good. Becoming a better human being – priceless. It might just make you give thanks for the opportunity to give.