Team Building Activities For Charity Finding Your Place In The Big Picture

Team Building Activities For Charity: Finding Your Place In The Big Picture

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the holiday season can become a blur of activity at the end of which you’re overstuffed and overtired. In the grand scheme of things, what does it all mean? What about the big picture? Where do you fit in? Some people struggle to answer that question with a guilt-ridden list of New Year’s resolutions. In the workplace, the answer may lie in team building activities for charity like a Big Picture Holiday Workshop.

Imagine a fun, ice-breaking exercise that helps you get to know your colleagues and redefines where and how you fit in. At a Big Picture Holiday Workshop you and your co-workers can create a holiday collage that does just that.

Your Piece of the Puzzle

Connecting the dots and fitting all the puzzle pieces together.  These aren’t just clichés, they’re important strategies to create synergy among co-workers. It might be a spreadsheet or an item from your desktop – not your virtual desktop, the one in your cubicle or office. Whatever your contribution to the montage, it will tell part of the story of your life at work and of your relationships with your co-workers. It will be a small, seemingly inconsequential piece of a much grander tableau – just like you.

The Big Payoff

Team building activities for charity are about taking small, seemingly minuscule steps toward the completion of a project with a nobler purpose. Amazingly, the bigger payoff is usually intangible. There’s an almost palpable change in the atmosphere; a subtle shift in relationships. There’s a right-on-the-tip-of-your tongue “something” that’s different about your colleagues, the way they interact, what they understand about themselves, and what you come to understand about yourself.

A Big Picture Holiday Workshop is not just another one of those team building activities for charity. It’s a one-stop shopping spree where you collect everything you need to make the holidays happier for a deserving member of the community, improve in-house work relationships and feel good about being there.