Outdoor Team Building Games to Battle the Post-Holiday Slump

Outdoor Team Building Games to Battle the Post-Holiday Slump

When the holidays are over and the long months of winter are ushered in, workplaces often suffer from a post-holiday slump, and one of the best ways to help your team overcome a slump and get re-energized is to use outdoor team building games. Read more

Use the Seven Days of Christmas for Team Building Fun

The seven days before Christmas can be used for great team building fun. When team members participate in the Seven Days of Christmas, they will each put their name on a piece of paper, fold the paper up, and put it in a big box. When all of the names are in the box, the box will be passed around and each team member will take out a name. Let the team building fun begin! Read more

A Tasty Team Activity for the Holidays

A Tasty Team Activity for the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time to sponsor a team activity. Let your team undertake some activities that will be both enjoyable and challenging during this time of year. They will appreciate a break from their daily schedules and the opportunity to interface in a different way. Read more

Christmas Team Building Ideas

Trim Those Trees

This is one of those Christmas team building ideas that should provide your team members with a fun, creative release. Read more

Fun Team Building Ideas for Christmas

The Christmas season is a great time to use fun team building ideas to pull your team together so that they can spread some joy as they celebrate together. You can have team members partake in a variety of activities, from the simple to the elaborate. Here are a few ideas to consider.

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Create a Haunted House and Focus on Indoor Team Building

An excellent and challenging indoor team building activity for your team to get involved in on the days that lead into Halloween is to create a haunted house that employees can bring their children to on Halloween or some afternoon during Halloween week. Read more

Start Preparing for the Holidays in November

Early November might seem like a premature time to some to start getting ready for the holidays, but those who are super organized and never seem to stress out during the holidays would be the first to tell you it’s never too early to plan. If you aren’t one of those who start your holiday shopping early, don’t despair. There’s plenty you can do right now to get a good head start on the holiday season to be ready. Read more

Get Your Ghoul On with Fun Team Building Activities

Halloween can be a great opportunity to incorporate some fun team building activities into the usual office routine. These activities provide a welcome break from routine and give your team members a chance to mingle and collaborate. Halloween is a popular holiday, and you can use these activities for motivation, pleasure, and to stimulate teamwork. Read more

Curb your Spending by Giving the Gift of Your Time

Gift shopping at the last minute can not only rob you of your energy and Christmas spirit, but it can zap your bank account in the process. If these are two Christmas holiday traditions you’d like to learn to live without, there’s good news. With some creative thought and planning, you can give thoughtful gifts that will not only be appreciated your recipients and won’t empty your wallet at the same time.
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Emphasize Team Bonding by Throwing a Holiday Buffet

Emphasize Team Bonding by Throwing a Holiday Buffet

Many occasions throughout the year provide a great opportunity to work on team bonding, and Christmas is no exception. Instead of having the usual Christmas party, consider throwing a holiday buffet to emphasize team bonding while team members pull together a festive holiday feast. Not only will your team members have a chance to coordinate and collaborate, at the end of the exercise they will have time to break bread and celebrate together. Read more