Charity Themed Holiday Team Building Activity

A holiday team building activity benefits employees AND the company

Motivation is the ultimate goal of these activities, as any employee – no matter how devoted and motivated – will eventually feel caught in a routine that will decrease his or her productivity. Especially as the year is winding down! The holidays are the perfect opportunity for a team building activity, since everyone feels the spirit of the festive season. If you are still searching for a theme for this year’s holiday team building activity, charity is a great choice since it motivates employees to do something meaningful for others.
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Plan Ahead For A Prime Holiday Team Building Location

Organizing a regular party or team building activity is a feat in itself because of all the planning and preparation required. Throw in the mad rush of the holidays, and it sounds like you are out to punish yourself and your team! Remember how difficult it was for you to get a seat at your favorite restaurant during the holidays last year? If you plan on booking a decent place for your holiday team building location this year, you need to plan well ahead and avoid the holiday rush.

Finding a good venue is just one thing, there’s the catering, supplies, transportation arrangements, and – possibly the worst of all – the ‘looks that kill’ from employees who would rather go on a holiday binge with friends than spend more time with their boss and co-workers. The more you think about it, being in charge of organizing the holiday party or holiday team building event looks like a real CLM – a Career-Limiting Move. However, before you throw in the towel, you will be happy to know that there is a way to make holiday team building event a true success. All you need is the right timing and the right help.
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