What is executive presence

What is Executive Presence and Why is it Important

What is executive presence? It’s your personal book cover–the visage you use to draw people in beyond the table of contents of your life. And while judging a book by its cover may be unfair, we know that we all do it every day–so why not yield to the idea of sprucing your “cover” up. The truth is that in corporate America, doing an outstanding job simply isn’t enough anymore. You have to look the part and stand out yourself. Read more

awesome team building

The Most Awesome Team Building Activities Fill a Void In People’s Hearts

Are you and your colleagues hungry for some really awesome team building activities? Are you feeling empty contemplating another holiday-as-usual? Do you have a craving to do something that will really make a difference in the lives of some of your neighbors? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could fill that void in your hearts by filling a hungry family’s bellies? Read more

Team Bonding Ideas

Sharpening the Big Picture Through Visionary Team Bonding Ideas

The best team bonding ideas should mirror the company’s mission statement–sort of like an old school dot-matrix printer. Remember those? Slowly but surely an image was revealed dot-by-dot, line-by-line.The completion of the“big picture” was dependent on each dot. Read more

leadership is an art

Leadership Is an Art And a Skill

Leadership is an art, but the finished product may seem as abstract as Picasso’s Guernica–profound, impactful, overpowering, and quite frankly, hard for some people to understand. Like other art forms, leadership is an expression of the artist’s world view. An x-ray of his heart. An open letter to the world declaring his values, passions, and priorities. Read more

NEEDs to Go to DPT_ Team Building for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceuticals is a rewarding career, but there’s constant pressure, and stress is common. Your employees face tough challenges every day, and without strong teamwork in place, they’re not reaching their potential. Read more

leadership team building

Leadership Team Building For Millennials

In America’s dynamic new multi-generational workplace, leadership team building is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are more than 75 million Millennials aged 18 to 34; and just under 74 million Baby Boomers aged 51 to 69. The new kids on the block are also the heavyweights; and they’re throwing their weight around and making their voices heard. So when it comes to leadership team building, we all need to step it up and listen up! Read more

How Self Acceptance Can Make Bonding Exercises Fun

It’s holiday season! Time for the obligatory office parties, happy hours, gift exchanges, and other torturous bonding exercises. Oh the horror! If bonding exercises feel more like bondage to you, maybe it’s time to take a moment for some serious reflection and self-evaluation. No! There’s nothing wrong with you. But there may be something going on that makes these company team building events feel wrong for you. Read more

Why Charitable Team Building Workshops Are the Best Trust Building Activities

Depending on your age, you may have post-traumatic flashbacks of trust building activities at your first job in which you had to clap the company clap, cheer the company cheer, and sing the company song—all in a feeble attempt to manufacture team spirit and build trust among your fellows. What a nightmare! Read more

Tis the Season for Bonding Exercises

The upcoming holidays are a marathon of glad tidings and bonding exercises, both personal and professional: gift exchanges; office parties; school pageants and concerts; collegiate and professional football tailgating parties; feasts, fun, family, and charitable donations. Read more