Support a Local School for Office Holiday Team Building

Support a Local School for Office Holiday Team Building

The holiday season is a time of giving, and there is no better way to give then to support a local school while focusing on office holiday team building. With school budgets constantly being cut, teachers often find themselves in the position of having to provide much needed classroom supplies for their own students. Many websites have been created just for this purpose, but you can make it even more personal for your team members. Take some time this holiday season to support a local school and take that burden off the shoulders of local teachers.

Find a School to Help

For this office holiday team building activity, gather your team members together and ask them to decide on a local school that they want to support. Once that decision is made, one or two team members can arrange to meet with teachers from that school to determine their specific needs. After the team members compile a list of needed items, they can set out on their quest to acquire those items. Most schools will need various supplies, including paper, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, books, learning tools, etc.

Gather the Goods

Team members can use different ways to get the supplies they want to provide during this office holiday team building activity. They can have a bake sale to collect money for buying supplies, and they can also approach local businesses for donations. Many businesses, such as craft stores, grocery stores, office supply stores, and toy stores, will be more than willing to donate items for this office holiday team building effort. Team members can break up into smaller teams, with each team targeting a different business for donations. Provide your team with a central location where they can store and sort the supplies as they gather them.

Office Holiday Team Building for the Good of the Community

When your team members have assembled all of their bought and donated supplies, they can meet together to pack up the goods and celebrate their success. Provide some refreshments for team members as they sort through supplies and pack them in boxes for the school. Schedule a date to drop off the supplies with the school you are supporting, and be sure to let all team members participate in the delivery of the supplies.

Seeing the gratitude on the faces of the teachers and children who will benefit from the supplies provided is the best part of this office holiday team building activity.