Successful Team Giving Makes For Successful Team Building

What does successful team building mean to you? Kudos for you from your CEOA big promotion? A new penthouse-level office? A bigger company car? An even bigger expense account? When you close your eyes and think about your company, if all you envision are bigger and bigger paychecks, and personal perks, you may need to adjust your lens.

It shouldn’t be all about you or any single individual. Successful team building means exactly that: successfully building personal and professional relationships with other people in the hope of your coalescing into a team–a single unit on one accord, working toward a common goal.

If that common goal is all about profits, it can become a lot easier for people to be selfish and self-serving. And with the rising cost of living, coupled with rampant job insecurity, it’s hard not to blame them.

Charitable team building workshops are good ways for employees to practice functioning like a team without being worried about making a deadline or a profit. They can neutralize all of the office politics and posturing. They’re non-threatening opportunities for people to learn about each other on a more personal level; provide a wonderful service to their community; and even enjoy themselves.

Charitable team building workshops are great morale boosters. Coworkers can collect donations for overseas military personnel in need of a few TLC-packages. Who wouldn’t feel fantastic about being a part of something so worthwhile? Or they may focus their time and compassion on a handicapped member of their community who needs a new wheelchair. Imagine them popping wheelies in a chariot you and your teammates assemble.

You might build a bicycle or a wagon. You could spend the day stockpiling dry goods for donation to a local food bank. Whether your care package is for a lonely soldier, a traumatized child, or even a puppy in search of a forever-home–you’ll create memories and forge healthy relationships that will last a lifetime.

Successful team building happens when individuals feel successful as human beings–as fellow citizens; as contributing members of society. There may not be a big bonus, a prestigious promotion, or a new company car at the end of the day; but the emotional payoff can be tremendous.  As you open your eyes and heart to the wider world around you, good things will find their way into your life, because you’re doing good things for other people. That’s at the heart of successful team building and that will be good for your business.