Stress Team Building Qualities during the Holidays

Stress Team Building Qualities during the Holidays

The holiday season provides many opportunities to continue to stress team building qualities. You can present your team with fun and engaging Christmas activities that will focus on team building qualities like conversation and communication, organizational skills, conflict resolution, innovative thinking, and a spirit of appreciating.

Create a Christmas Commercial

This activity stresses the team building qualities of creativity, development, organization, negotiation, and collaboration. Bring your team together for a festive time of camera, lights, and action. Provide your team with a video camera, lighting devices, holiday props and costumes, and a space they can use, and then ask them to create a ninety second Christmas commercial. The team’s first step will be to decide who will be the director and the assistant director, who will be the actors, and who will work with lighting and operate the video camera.

After those decisions are made, the team will collaborate to plan, storyboard, and write a script for their commercial. As the team works on their commercial, they will enter the fun and creative world of television advertising. Making a successful Christmas commercial will be a challenge that encompasses a wide variety of team building qualities and it will forge a unique bond between the team members.

When the team’s creation is complete, hold a screening of the commercial, and reward the team with Christmas refreshments, snacks, and time for congratulations.

The Not–So Secret Santa

This Christmas activity is a remake of the classic Secret Santa and focuses on the team building qualities of listening, knowledge sharing, and information gathering. In the classic version of Secret Santa, team members put all of their names written on paper in a bowl, and then they each draw a piece of paper out of the bowl. They then are required to buy the that person a Christmas gift without letting that person know who they are.

The Not-So Secret Santa version of the game still requires team members to put their names in a bowl and pull someone else’s name out, but this time, the team members don’t keep whose name they chose a secret. Now, the next part of the game begins. Put a threshold on how much each team member can spend, such as fifteen dollars. Then instruct each team member to take ten minutes and talk to the person whose name he or she drew. The purpose of the conversation is for the team member to find out as much about that person as he or she can in order to purchase the best gift possible. Team members can ask each other about hobbies, likes and dislikes, musical preferences, whether or not they are pet owners, etc.

When the ten minutes are up, the team members can go off on their separate ways to ponder the present that they might by. The day of the gift giving, team members will place the presents under the tree and take turns presenting them to each other. When one team member gives the other member a gift, he or she will explain what was learned about that member that made he or she buy that particular gift. This activity not only emphasizes team building qualities, it also gives team members a way to get to know each other better and communicate with one another.

Always Incorporate Team Building Qualities into Activities

You can incorporate team building qualities into almost any team activity, including holiday gatherings, picnics, or team outings. Never hesitate to find new ways to challenge the team and have them work on team building qualities.