Start Preparing for the Holidays in November

Start Preparing for the Holidays in November

Early November might seem like a premature time to some to start getting ready for the holidays, but those who are super organized and never seem to stress out during the holidays would be the first to tell you it’s never too early to plan. If you aren’t one of those who start your holiday shopping early, don’t despair. There’s plenty you can do right now to get a good head start on the holiday season to be ready.

Probably one of the most time-consuming chores is sending out your holiday greeting cards. It can be doubly frustrating when some of them come back because your address book was out-of-date. Now would be a great time to sit down and look through your address book and make sure you are caught up and have current mailing addresses for everyone. While you’re in the process of updating, you might want to check current phone numbers so you can quickly invite someone to an open house or to join you for sledding, caroling, or a shopping excursion. Try to include current e-mail addresses for your computer-savvy friends, family and associates, so all your contact options are up to snuff. If you’re sending out photo cards this year, there’s no reason why you can’t get those envelopes addressed and stamped early. Then once those cards are back from the printers, it’s simply a matter of jotting a quick note if you choose, signing, and sending them off. Also, be sure to schedule your photo studio session early if you’re having professional pictures taken this year for your holiday cards.

Another big item on people’s holiday to-do list is finalizing their shopping list. Once you have a good idea what you want to get everyone on your list, take some time and shop around. Since you’re reading this, you’re obviously an internet user, so look around online for the best deals. Check out some of the catalogs that have recently arrived in the mail. Many internet and catalog retailers deeply discount or waive shipping altogether for customers depending on the amount of their purchase. And you can save time and frustration by having it delivered either directly to you or have the retailer gift wrap and drop ship it for you.

Finalize your grocery shopping lists as well. That way when it’s time to start baking, you won’t be caught without the necessary ingredients. You’ll also avoid that last-minute rush to get your turkey or ham before they’re all gone. Take a look at your menu and see what items can be prepped beforehand, and schedule that accordingly to make meal prep a breeze.

Take stock of what decorations you have available, and check their condition. Replace light strands and broken ornaments now, so that when the time comes to decorate, you’ll have everything you need.  If you’re tired of finding WHICH of those hundreds of light bulbs is burned out, check out some of the new LED light strands which never burn out.  A little investment now can save a lot of time and headache in the future!

With some proper planning and a little creativity and forethought, the holidays can be a time of peace and tranquility because you’ve taken the steps ahead of time to eliminate the stress.

This is part of our Holiday Tips series, and while we know it’s not related to team building we try to help provide every little bit of peace and happiness that we can throughout the holiday season!