Did you know that firemen and other emergency responders often hand out stuffed animals to comfort children in distressed situations?

Rescue BuddiesTM is an engaging stuffed animal team building workshop that highlights the importance of sharing resources and expertise to meet the needs of others. The added stress from activities such as shopping for gifts, attending holiday parties and preparing for family get-togethers causes short tempers and could show up in interactions among your team members. Your team will build a bear or a selection of other stuffed animals together, and help to take some of the stress out of the season!


Within an organization, when individuals work in silos it hurts the company as a whole. But when we break down those barriers everyone benefits.

This message carries through to helping others in your community as your team assembles stuffed animals that come with a unique backpack and birth certificate.

Your stuffed animal donation includes a Birth Certificate to be completed by each team member and a Rescue Buddies backpack.

Charity team building that’s meaningful for your team and your community.

When possible, we’ll make arrangements for members of a local firehouse or other emergency responders to receive your donation. Imagine a workshop wrap-up that’s filled with goose bumps as they share a recent story about a child’s eyes lighting up when they presented a comforting stuffed animal to a child involved in an emergency situation. Of course, this is YOUR holiday team building event – if you have a specific organization such as a local children’s hospital that you want the bears donated to, just let us know.

Our goal is to inspire significant positive change in your organization and your community this holiday season.

Length:Typical format is 2 1/2 hours, for holiday team building we can trim it down as short as one hour if necessary.
Donation: Making arrangements with the receiving organization is part of the service we offer. When possible we try to have representatives attend the end of your workshop for a goose bump closing!

Contributing to others can connect co-workers and boost morale while helping your community!