Puttin Pantry ™: Holiday Fun & Challenges For All

Why not partner with Holiday Team Building Events this holiday season to help ensure nobody goes hungry in your community? Our ultra-popular Puttin Pantry ™ Holiday Team Building Workshop combines the challenges of team building with the fun of team bonding, and wraps it all up in the holiday spirit to help out a local food shelter. Your team develops essential skills while celebrating the holidays and having a good time for charity. Everyone wins!

How Does Puttin Pantry™ Work?

  1. Teams begin with non-perishable food items and a sheet of Astroturf.
  2. Then they’re given the directive to plan and build a mini golf course using those materials.
  3. After planning and assembling their courses, some friendly competition takes place on the courses.
  4. Then as the final step the courses are taken down and, in the holiday spirit, teams donate the food items to a local food bank or whichever charity your company desires.

What Makes Puttin Pantry ™ So Effective?

Think about it: a mini golf course isn’t something a group can simply throw together without making use of a few high-level communication skills. After all, in real life golf course design is recognized as both an art and a science…it takes vision as well as superior planning skills. Same goes for Puttin Pantry ™ but scaled down a bit for our tiny world of workshop mini golf!

Team members are challenged to draw upon the following skills to make their “vision” come alive:

  • creativity
  • brainstorming
  • resource management
  • negotiating

The magic happens when team members realize they must work together to succeed…especially if they want to beat the other teams! Multiple skills are involved, from the conceptual to the tear-down phase and members learn from each other as roles are assigned, tasks are carried out, and the whole project comes together as a result. When the course is carefully dismantled and the food items are packaged for donation the cooperative spirit makes the event that much more perfect for the holidays.