Fun Team Building Ideas for Christmas

Planning Holiday Team Building Events

An event’s chances for success increase tremendously with the amount of planning you do, and team building is no exception. Coming up with occasional events to help build up the camaraderie and closeness of any team is important, because it helps take their mind off the stressful day to day routines of work. Great holiday team building events make the holiday season more meaningful for your employees and you somehow help them get their groove on as a team. But it all boils down to planning, and here are a few tips you can use.

Know your options and choose what’s right for you

Gone are the days of boring “team building seminars” and workshops. Many of your team members have been to one of these, and you might hear some weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth when they hear that you’re planning yet another team building event.

You don’t have to be constrained with what traditional team building methods give you, because there are a number of options that can infuse excitement, creativity and create solidarity within your team. You can build bikes, build stuffed animals, toy wagons, or do anything and everything you can think of that will help your team become the best at what they do. Your choice will also depend on your team’s needs and what skills you’re aiming to develop.

The Devil Is In The Details

Great planning all boils down to the little things, and it’s usually best to have your important details pinned down before you reach out to team building companies for help. You should know more or less how many people will be attending your event, and of course you should have your date reserved.

You should also already have an idea of what exactly your intended outcome is. Is your team experiencing internal issues? Then perhaps the event should be tailored to build in some conflict management trainingin a fun method that doesn’t make it apparent that it is a training exercise. If you are having problems getting your team members to move up the ranks within your organization, perhaps some executive presence coaching.

Whatever your goals are, being crystal clear with your expectations will help to ensure that your event is a success. After you’ve figured out what your objectives are, then you can work with the experts to nail down the appropriate content and structure of your event.

Trust the experts

As the customer – you have the final say on what your event will look like. That being said, if you’re planning on bringing in a team building company to facilitate the team building portion of your event, then it’s wise to follow their advice to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Any reputable company in the training field will have years of experience with many events under their belt, and they will have learned what works and what flops. If you want detail-oriented plans and smooth execution, it’s best to bring in a team not only focuses on team building, but specifically on holiday team building events.

With all of these tips in mind, you are one step closer to planning your event and ensuring that it goes smoothly. The important thing is that your people come out of the event knowing themselves and their team members better – developing camaraderie, interpersonal communication and creativity. With well-planned holiday team building events, your people will return to the office with higher morale and an increased sense of “team”. By doing this, you’re making your holiday event meaningful for everyone.
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