Plan Ahead For A Prime Holiday Team Building Location

Organizing a regular party or team building activity is a feat in itself because of all the planning and preparation required. Throw in the mad rush of the holidays, and it sounds like you are out to punish yourself and your team! Remember how difficult it was for you to get a seat at your favorite restaurant during the holidays last year? If you plan on booking a decent place for your holiday team building location this year, you need to plan well ahead and avoid the holiday rush.Finding a good venue is just one thing, there’s the catering, supplies, transportation arrangements, and – possibly the worst of all – the ‘looks that kill’ from employees who would rather go on a holiday binge with friends than spend more time with their boss and co-workers. The more you think about it, being in charge of organizing the holiday party or holiday team building event looks like a real CLM – a Career-Limiting Move. However, before you throw in the towel, you will be happy to know that there is a way to make holiday team building event a true success. All you need is the right timing and the right help.

The Best Holiday Team Building Locations Go Early

Plan Ahead For A Prime Holiday Team Building LocationIf you’re already behind the planning curve with a late start, and you’re running into venue after venue that is already booked for your potential date, think outside the box – can you adjust your date? It is never too early to hold your holiday team building event. Most employees prefer holding company activities at the beginning of the holiday season before everyone goes on holiday leave. You also increase your chances of successfully booking your preferred venue if you pick a date before the prime holiday week.

People also tend to be less grumpy during the early part the holiday season and more excited to participate in team activities. You may not want to get caught in the crosshairs of someone who has been to three kiddie Christmas parties, two holiday class reunions, and is on a rant!

It’s also never too early to start booking suppliers and service providers for your next holiday team building. Your primary concern will be competing with virtually every other company, school, or organization that will be holding holiday parties, class reunions, and other holiday events. The best venues will definitely get booked in advance. Food caterers, facilitators, and other service providers will also have their hands full during the holidays and if you book late, you will either get turned down or given a higher price quotation to cover their cost for additional manpower or overtime.

Save Your Sanity – Get the Right Help

With all the stress involved in arranging your holiday team building location, vendors, and logistics, it’s easy to forget the real reason why you’re even doing this! An effective team building event is one which is filled with appropriate fun-filled activities that meet your objectives whether it is to create trust and synergy, improve communication skills, or just have some fun with a philanthropic twist. You will do better with the help of professional facilitators who can work with you in planning and making the necessary arrangements to make your team building event a huge success. It might be the difference between being at the bottom of the heap or being the golden child at performance review time!

Magnovo‘s expert facilitators design special team building programs tailored specifically for the holidays. They have modules for immersion activities that include gift-giving to various members of the community. Your team will solve puzzles, overcome challenges together, and do plenty of mental “work”, that feels more like play. You might build bikes for charity, assemble stuffed animals, or build wagons that are filled with goodies that are then presented to your company’s chosen charity. We make your event special, not just for you and your team, but for the community as well. Just make sure you plan ahead to ensure that you get the prime holiday team building location this season!