Outdoor Team Building Games to Battle the Post-Holiday Slump

Outdoor Team Building Games to Battle the Post-Holiday Slump

When the holidays are over and the long months of winter are ushered in, workplaces often suffer from a post-holiday slump, and one of the best ways to help your team overcome a slump and get re-energized is to use outdoor team building games.

Consider having your team members bundle up to go outside and partake in some of the following activities.

Snowball Toss

The snowball toss is one of the outdoor team building games that is easy to set up and a great release. All you need is a piece of plywood with several holes cut into it. Team members will make a pile of snow balls and then take turns tossing them through the holes. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have snow, you can use foam balls covered with glue and some glitter.

Frozen Water Balloon Game

The day before you have your outdoor fun, put some water balloons in a freezer. When your team members assemble outside, have them form a circle, and give one of the team members one of the frozen balloons. Tell the team members to play a version of “hot potato” using the frozen balloon. Play some music as the team members pass the frozen balloon around the circle to each other.

Whenever the music stops playing, the team member who is holding the balloon must leave the circle. Continue to play until only one team member is left standing.

Baseball in the Snow

This is another one of those outdoor team building games that is very easy to set up. Create a baseball diamond by using a pile of snow to represent the home plate and all of the bases—first, second, and third. Put an emptied water bottle atop each mound. Each player now takes a turn at being the pitcher by standing on the pitcher’s mound, also fashioned with snow, and throwing snow balls at the home plate and each of the other bases.

The team member who uses the fewest number of pitches to knock down all of the bottles is the winner.

Powder Football

Find an adequate field or space, and break your team down into two teams. Use a spray bottle of water and food coloring to define the playing field, and have the two teams set up at the field’s opposite ends. After a coin toss, the team who wins the toss will start with the ball and the kickoff. When someone on the other team catches the ball, the goal is for him or her to run it across the field to the other team’s goal. Passing is also an option.

When the team member with the ball is tagged by a player from the opposite side, the play stops where he or she is tagged, and then the next play begins. When the team has had four tries, or makes a touchdown, the other team gets the ball. You can play until one team reaches a particular score that has been decided on, or until everyone is ready to venture back inside and warm up with a tasty cup of hot chocolate.

Outdoor Team Building Games

These are just a few of the outdoor team building games that you can use to help your team members out of that post-holiday slump and put some enthusiasm back into the office atmosphere. Giving team members an opportunity to re-energize will make them happier and more productive.