Office Team Building Games for an Independence Day Picnic

Office Team Building Games for an Independence Day Picnic

The days leading up to Independence Day are a wonderful time to organize a team picnic that includes plenty of office team building games. Once the grills have been fired up and the hamburgers and hotdogs are cooking, pull your team together for some fun games.

Playing the Part

This is one of the office team building games that requires nothing more than the players themselves. When playing this game, each team member chooses a celebrity that he or she must do a silent impression of in fifteen seconds or less. The team member can actually act out that celebrity or a role in which that celebrity has played. If a team member decides to impersonate Johnny Depp, for instance, he might want to portray a pirate.

Other team members must guess who the team member is impersonating, and the team member who gets the most correct guesses is the winner.

Picnic Assassination

Cut enough squares of paper for each team member, and mark one of the pieces of paper with an X. Fold all of the pieces of paper into halves and then quarters and put them in a box or a large can. Have each team member take a piece of paper out of the box or can and look at it without showing it to any other team members. The team member who selects the piece of paper with the X on it is the picnic assassin.

Give each team member a black arm patch that can be slid onto the arm, and tell team members that there is an assassin among them. If throughout the duration of the picnic, someone winks at him or her, then he or she must declare themselves dead by donning the black arm patch.

If a team member thinks that he or she was witnessed the assassin in action, he or she must reveal who they think the assassin is. Each player gets only one guess. If the guess is correct, that team member is the winner. If the guess is incorrect, that team member is declared dead. The team member who correctly guesses the assassin wins.

Attracting Opposites

This is one of the office team building games that can give team members who don’t interface much in the workplace a chance to interact. Provide a piece of card paper that has an adjective, object, or color written on it to each team member. You can use words like white, high, fun, sad, happy, big, etc. Use only words that have opposites; for example, black and white, high and low, happy and sad.

When each team member receives a piece of paper, the goal will be to find the team member who has the piece of paper with the opposite of the word written on it. When each team member locates his or her opposite, they must learn three things about that person. When every team member locates an opposite, have the team meet together to share the three things that he or she learned.

Office Team Building Games

You can use office team building games any time throughout the year to unite your team and give members an opportunity to interact in different ways. Team members will appreciate the break from their usual routines and some time for creative fun.