Liven Up Your Holiday Event With Unique Team Building Games

Try some unique team building games this holiday season!

A holiday team building event is a great way to teach your team some new skills while having fun. When properly orchestrated, this learning event doesn’t feel like learning since it’s built into your holiday event and everybody’s already in the holiday mood.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite unique team building games here that really help to build awareness, understanding, and respect for others.

Draw My Words

Liven Up Your Holiday Event With Unique Team Building GamesHave a team building activity around this diversity by having employees utilize their communication skills positively. Divide participants into several teams of two members and have them sit back to back.

Give one member a picture of anything visually simple such as a tree or clown. The member holding the picture describes it by giving only clues and not the name of the object itself. The member’s partner then draws the object in the picture based on how it was described by the member.

This activity is not as simple as you might think! The person with the picture will need the ability to communicate effectively and choose the most appropriate words to give their partner in order for him or her to draw the object as closely to the original as possible. The purpose here is to see how much, or how little, team members are able to communicate when it comes to pursuing a goal. This helps provide your team with a basic understanding of where their current proficiency level is, and you can use this information as groundwork for future team building and personal development training.

What’s My Job?

Another activity to strengthen diversity is the Job Game with two rounds wherein a list of job titles is created, cutting this list into separate paper slips and putting them into a box or hat.

An employee draws one slip and the rest asks him or her questions about the job written on the slip, which the employee can answer only with either a “yes” or a “no”. Based on the employee’s answers, the rest will have to guess what the job title is. This diversity focus will help employees to better understand their co-workers’ jobs, the requirements these jobs have, the pressures that go with them, etc.

When employees view their colleagues from an objective point of view, they are no longer as judgmental or as critical of their co-workers when a mistake happens in the workplace.

Adaptability to Change

You can add in some learning challenges to your event without them being “work”, but it shouldn’t be all fun and games, either. The main objective is to encourage learning new skills while building on existing competencies, and adapting to any changes that may be necessary in between them.

Getting employees to know one another on a more personal level during holiday team building events while learning how each one ticks, helps them bond with each other, to support each other’s strengths and understand each other’s weaknesses, and trust one another enough to work together harmoniously.

We have designed a whole range of interactive actions to integrate the festivities of your holiday celebration and a serious learning workshop while making the integration seamless. Give us a call today, and let us help you make your holiday team building event a success!