Let’s Build Bikes as Part of Your Holiday Team Building Event

Let’s build bikes for the holidays!

There are many ways to design holiday team building programs for your employees but to truly make things exciting you have to think outside of the box and go with something that they haven’t tried before. It’s very likely that some of them have already done the usual team building events before, so if you want to make an impact you can go with something that not only brings out their individual strengths but also helps them give back to the community. Instead of the same old event, let’s build some bikes together!

What your team can expectLet's Build Bikes as Part of Your Holiday Team Building Event

Imagine the amount of strategy and collaboration most teams would need in order to build a bicycle from scratch. The goal is to earn individual pieces, and assemble them to build bikes as a result of it – a bicycle that not only works but one that your team can give to a child who needs it. This helps teams with problem solving skills, as well as learning how to identify and maximize the interpersonal dynamics that will help them finish the work efficiently, given their individual personalities and differences.

Can your technical folks do the assembly by themselves? Probably.

But can they solve the puzzles necessary to obtain the required parts to build the bicycles? Maybe, maybe not.

This is where the collaborative effort of combining everyone’s skill sets to drive the team towards the greater goal comes in. As an individual, we fail. As a team, we succeed – and not only do we succeed, we do it in style.

Sometime during or shortly after the bike building workshop, your team will begin to realize that they really do need to work together in order to make things happen, and that every single individual and their contribution is important in driving results and creating the final solution. They’ll come out of the activity with stronger bonds to their teammates, and with better overall problem solving skills.

The added factor

While the bicycle team building activity is already unique in itself, the added factor of knowing that they are building these bikes for underprivileged kids in the community will truly make your holiday team building event really stand out. There is no lack of caring and generosity in this world, and people are just looking for opportunities to give back. By incorporating this charity factor into your holiday team building workshop, you’re not only making team building fun, you’re making it meaningful as well. Teams will work extra hard and really put their hearts into what they’re doing, knowing that once they finish the bicycle, it will bring cheer to a needy child this holiday season.

Ask the experts

Every company has thought “Hey, why don’t we just do this ourselves? We can go down to Wal-Mart, buy a couple unassembled bicycles, and save a bunch of money!” You absolutely could. Anybody with a small amount of mechanical ability can buy a bicycle and put it together fairly quickly. In fact, after delivering thousands of bicycle team building workshops to our customers across the world, I’d be willing to be that one of our facilitators could put together a standard child’s bicycle with their eyes closed in less than five minutes. If you have a very limited budget and still want to stick in a philanthropic vein, this may be the correct route for you. We can even guide you towards the correct bicycle sizes for various age groups, and may even have a charity contact in your local area that we can connect you with.

The true value of this event isn’t the bicycle building itself – it’s the learning that the group has from the team dynamics, the camaraderie, and the teary-eyed finale. As with any holiday team building session, the best way to go about it is to ask a team building expert to help you customize the activity for you. If you choose to go it alone, the charity bicycle building element will still be there, but there is so much more that you can work into the team building activity to make the day even more meaningful.

As you begin planning your holiday team building event, contact our training experts, and let’s build some bikes together and create an event to remember!