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Leadership Team Building For Millennials

In America’s dynamic new multi-generational workplace, leadership team building is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are more than 75 million Millennials aged 18 to 34; and just under 74 million Baby Boomers aged 51 to 69. The new kids on the block are also the heavyweights; and they’re throwing their weight around and making their voices heard. So when it comes to leadership team building, we all need to step it up and listen up!

leadership team building

For Millennials employment is not just about getting a job. They take a more holistic approach. Because they spend so much time at work, they want that time to mean something outside their office walls. Work-life-balance isn’t just a euphemism with them: it’s a necessity.

Many Baby Boomer bosses lament that Millennials demand a lot, but don’t reciprocate with the kind of company loyalty we witnessed as kids. Our parents were willing to forego work-life-balance for work-at-all-costs. But a second look–a less grudging and more honest look–may reveal that they’ve actually got it at least partially right. After all, what’s so wrong with work counting for more than a paycheck?

Shouldn’t altruism and the desire to give back to the community be viewed as a good thing instead of an imposition? Admit it, however much they may unnerve us  [or simply get on our nerves] it looks like we raised some pretty clever kids. It’s learning how to work with them–and keep them–that’s giving some of us gray hairs.

According to a recent survey, 90 percent of Millennials in the workforce are eager to become leaders! So one way to keep them on board is to develop a leadership team building strategy that will groom them to take the reins as executives, and embrace the best practices of corporate team bonding as well.

Companies whose employer brand emphasizes mentorship and professional training will be rewarded with devoted and enthusiastic Millennial staffers. These young tech-heads have spent most of their lives online, so online leadership team building and executive training are the perfect fit.

And if in addition, your corporate culture is built upon a solid foundation of social responsibility to the community, these young workers may outpace their parents when it comes to  impassioned company loyalty. Our charitable team building workshops are tailored to suit the skills and passions of the most altruistically minded employees.

In one of  our charitable team building workshops, you and your subordinates can partner with social service organizations, and first responders [firefighters, emergency medical teams, and police agencies] to donate goods and services to your low income neighbors, and to those who’ve recently suffered a personal tragedy. Charitable giving can become the hallmark of your leadership team building campaign.