A Holiday Team Building Workshop Motivates Employees

Reduce stress and boost morale with a holiday team building workshop

A company outing is fun, but it doesn’t offer much for learning new work skills, addressing interpersonal issues, or building employee morale. The holiday season is not built around merriment alone. It’s no surprise that a study conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for the American Psychological Association indicated that the stress levels of people significantly increase during this time as a result of shopping, preparing for family reunions, and attending parties.The stress produced by such activities is carried over to the workplace, resulting in short tempers, arguments, and strained interactions between employees. Conducting a holiday team building workshop during this time helps to alleviate that stress, resolve conflicts, and manage employee relations effectively more than at any other time.

An “Un-Corporate” Atmosphere Does Wonders

A Holiday Team Building Workshop Motivates EmployeesBecause of the festive mood that accompanies the holidays, team building activities are a welcome respite from work and work-related tasks such as filing reports, auditing, client calls, etc.

A holiday team building workshop is much easier to host or hold. It is not seen as directly related to work, although the purpose is still work-related inasmuch as the activities have a direct bearing on skills taught and learned.

The event is built around “fun” activities, which employees gladly participate in because of the seemingly “un-corporate” atmosphere. These events are viewed by employees as socialization time because of the presence of games, prizes, gift certificates, and other festive elements like food and beverages.

There are endless ways in which a team building event can be a learning activity as much as a fun experience.

It’s Not About the Prizes

Holiday team building workshops with a cooking theme is one way to emphasize teamwork. Because cooking is a particularly popular task during the holiday season, incorporating it into a team building event will make it more enjoyable. The team building “challenge” might include whipping up small plate meals, desserts, all-day breakfasts or traditional family recipes.

Employees are divided into teams, shop for ingredients together, prepare and do the actual cooking, and then are “judged” for coming up with “best in using the freshest ingredients,” “most creatively-cooked (or prepared),” and other fun categories.

Prizes don’t have to be expensive because this activity is not about the prizes, but about working individual skills to become group assets.

A Long-Term Investment

Your team will benefit from the integration of actual learning objectives into fun holiday team building workshops. Participatory or experiential activities are really a vehicle for co-workers to be acquainted with one another on a more personal level, for management to appreciate workers’ soft skills, and to motivate each other to work harmoniously.

Team building activities cost money but companies, organizations and business owners should consider the expenses as a long-term investment. As team members build camaraderie, there is a greater likelihood that companies will see increased production and lower employee turnover rates. That is one of the best investments money can buy!

A holiday team building workshop helps to solidify the unity among workers which, in turn, motivates them to see the workplace not just as the place to earn a living, but also as an environment where they want to work every day. Charity team building events during the holiday season, such as those conducted by the Magnovo Training Group, are great motivators and create excellent opportunities for employee learning, personnel retention and increased productivity for the company.