Holiday Team Building Themes that Excite and Inspire

Holiday Team Building Themes that Excite and Inspire

As the holidays approach, this is the perfect time for your company to tap into the abundant options for team building themes. A theme allows you to bring a little fun into the workplace while also working towards the common goal of building better communication, strengthening employee relationships, and reducing stress wherever you can. This year, you can create a balance between a holiday party with a team building workshop that will leave lasting impressions on your company.

Team Building Theme Options

There are tons of options when it comes to customizing your team building experience, but you can take a different approach by incorporating some of the most beloved aspects of the holiday season. Don’t be afraid to include holiday decorations, traditional games, or even gift-giving as part of your customized workshop. You can combine the holidays with the workshop to create a festive and fun approach that people will not only remember, but also take away valuable skills. Who says that team building workshops have to be boring? Combine the holidays and the team-building exercises to create the perfect combination of fun and education.


Many people think of gift-giving when they think about the holiday season. Rather than focus on giving gifts within the company, think of what you can do for your community. You can incorporate this as part of your team building theme. You may want to consider creating gifts together as a team that your employees can then donate to a worthy cause. This incorporates the basic elements of the holiday season with a fun activity that gets employees working together, communicating, and building a bond that will enhance the work environment.

Holiday Decorations

If you really want to capitalize on the holiday team building theme, don’t forget the holiday decorations. Every element of the workshop can have a festive flare. Think about including holiday-themed tablecloths, enhancing hand-outs and pamphlets with a seasonal theme, and don’t forget that the employees themselves can dress up for the occasion! Holiday decorations will not only be visually appealing but will remind people that even if you are working to strengthen your team, you can still have fun doing it.

This year, keep your team building exercises fun and exciting by incorporating a great theme. Holiday team building themes are virtually limitless and there are a number of ways to combine skill-building with the traditional festivities that everybody loves this time of year!