Holiday Team Building Activity: Thankful Giving at Thanksgiving

A few deep, embarrassing belches, satisfied sighs and happy bellies stuffed with turkey – and it’s over. Every year millions of well-intending citizens donate turkey dinners to needy families at Thanksgiving and that’s great. But is it really enough? After one huge meal – and a few leftovers – what have they got to show for these acts of generosity? Wouldn’t it be great to donate something that will last beyond the Thanksgiving Day feasts and football frenzy? A holiday team building activity is about legacy building and what better time to start than Thanksgiving?

The time honored Thanksgiving tradition many of us hold so dear is a culmination of the previous year’s work. We celebrate our productivity and the fruits of our labors. It’s a moment of reflecting and giving thanks that strengthens us for the next season and the next set of challenges.

Who in the corporate world can fail to relate? We hold strategy meetings, poring over quarterly earnings reports. We constantly scrutinize our business models, productivity, branding, marketing, and every other aspect of our work as we strive for more and more success.

At some point we need to pause, reflect, reassess, and yes, be thankful for what we’ve achieved. A holiday team building activity can help to put it all into perspective, give it greater meaning, broaden the focus beyond the corporate cubicles and conference rooms and help everyone recognize their connection to the world outside.

Holiday Team Building Activity: Thankful Giving at Thanksgiving

A holiday team building activity creates goodwill in the community. There simply is no better brand advertising than doing the right thing. It can also leave a lasting impression on a grateful recipient, filling them with hope even as the gift fulfills a need.  And yet the greatest legacy may be left in the hearts of the corporate participants.  What they learn about their community and what they come to more fully understand and appreciate about the needy – these are wonderful gifts to be sure.

What each person begins to recognize and value in their colleagues – skills, talents and temperaments – these are the things upon which a solid corporate legacy can be built.  A well-organized and successful holiday team building activity may result in a well-organized and successful team.

That may be the best legacy of all.