Holiday Team Building: When You Need An Event To Vent

Can you believe it? It seems like you just finished the last piece of that Valentine’s Day candy and you’re already staring down the double-barrel of another holiday season. Where did the summer go? Better question: are you ready for another round of office parties, embarrassing office gift-swapping conundrums, a new fiscal year and a whole new set of corporate goals?

If you’re feeling like you can’t take much more, you may need an event to help you vent your frustrations. Solution: a holiday team building activity. It can restore your sanity, your faith in humanity, and be lots of fun, too.

Holiday Team Building: When You Need An Event To Vent
Building a big blue bicycle, a cuddly brown teddy bear or a  bright red wagon; stuffing wagons with toys or donating stuffed animals and other delights – no matter what you and your colleagues choose to do, a well-organized holiday team building event can relieve the stress of traditional holiday celebration planning by involving you all in something meaningful and lasting.

How does this sound? An outlet for your creative side that doesn’t involve trying to figure out the politically smart gift for that head honcho who’s been breathing down your neck. Sounds like heaven, right? In a holiday team building exercise, that same big wig will be just another guy on the team pulling his own weight and helping you pull yours, because in this setting neither of you is as important as the child you’re working hard to make happy.

Bear Hugs and Heartfelt Tears

It may seem counter-intuitive, but when what you do isn’t all about you, there’s a sense of freedom, relief and even joy. Giving really is better than receiving! And during the holidays there will be hundreds of children and families in your community who are in desperate need of kindness, support, friendship and expressions of generosity that confirm to them that they matter, that someone actually cares.

The search won’t take you far, nor will it take very long. Your local schools, volunteer firefighters, shelters, hospitals, charity clinics and food banks will be only too glad to steer you in the direction of families and children in need. Rediscover the reason for the season and plan a holiday team building activity for your company.