Holiday Team Building Ideas – Five Things You Need to Remember

Holiday team building ideas can be a bit tricky.

They have the potential to be effective if you are able to take advantage of the upbeat and festive demeanor of most people during the holidays, or it can go horribly wrong if the activity causes additional stress to already high-strung holiday-season emotions.

Here are five things to remember when plotting out your holiday team building ideas.

Avoid holiday burn-out

Holiday Team Building Ideas – Five Things You Need to RememberKeep in mind that people go to at least five parties during the holiday season. Your Pass-the-Stocking game will be annoying for someone who’s been through four similar activities in the same week and many participants may check out when you force them to sing in a circle for Secret Santa time. Strive to be more creative your holiday team building ideas, avoid cliché holiday games and solicit ideas from co-workers.

Draw the line between team building and team party

One of the challenges with holiday team building is that many employees don’t differentiate between it and an office party. While it is not as rigid as a regular company meeting, holiday team building should still be a structured event with planned activities and time frames for doing them. An office party is free flowing but that is only because the whole point for doing it is to socialize and have fun. The goal of the team building activity is to make the party fun, but also to learn something and give back to the community, so there will be a little bit of “work” to make sure you make it “work”.

Prevent holiday bingeing.

Many people think of the holidays as a great excuse to go on a binge. Help employees avoid the trap by excluding alcoholic beverages on the menu or limiting the number of included drinks via drink tickets or a similar method. In many organizations, the company holiday party is no longer about letting loose or blowing off steam, and nothing can spell disaster faster than doing trust exercises with an open bar. The annual gathering can still be about building camaraderie and having fun, but with a business goal.

Holiday team building is an official business event

It is important to maintain proper office decorum during a holiday team building event. The holiday spirit can often make people feel more relaxed, which is a good thing since the whole objective of the event is creating more camaraderie and synergy. However, care must be taken to prevent people from going overboard. The boss is still the boss even when he or she has a wrench in their hand helping to build bikes for needy kids. Off-color jokes, boorish comments, and insolence have no place in a team building activity regardless of the holiday season.

Focus on giving back with your holiday team building ideas

The best thing about the holidays is it can bring out the best in people. Gift-giving has become such a big tradition; people go out of their way to make sure they are able to make someone feel special during the holidays. It is good to take advantage of the season to collectively give back to the community through team building activities that benefit not only the company but society as well. Creative workshops on team communication where employees work together to build toy-stuffed wagons and build bikes for kids are ingenious ideas to merge holiday cheer, gift giving and team spirit.

A holiday team building workshop, when well-planned and professionally delivered, will provide the perfect opportunity for you to bond with co-workers while connecting with the community at a very special time of the year. Let us help you with your holiday team building ideas this year, and make your event a huge success!