Do Holiday Team Building Games Make Memories?

Looking to make your holiday party something to remember? Been trying the same old holiday team building games with no luck?

If you really want to make your holiday party memorable – throw a philanthropic twist into the event. There will still be the usual shenanigans, food, and fun, but you can make it memorable through charity involvement instead of just the same old party. Merriment doesn’t mean it cannot be meaningful. The feeling of giving back to the community, and that “goose bump moment” when the kids come pouring in to receive the bikes or bears or wagons will have your team talking!

It’s All Fun And Games Until Nobody Remembers It

If you’ve been planning holiday parties for any amount of time, you’ve probably gone through all of the usual games: the Scavenger Hunt, the Grinch Game, Christmas Movie Trivia, Christmas Charades, the list goes on and on. Frankly, it can be lots of fun trying to dig up funny quotes from “It’s a Wonderful Life” out of the back recesses of your brain!

But holiday team building games don’t do much in the way of team building! They’re fun, then they’re over, then they’re forgotten about once everybody is back to the office on the Monday after the holidays. With the right ingredients, you can cook up an event that your team will remember long after the mistletoe and streamers are tucked away.

Shake, Shake, Shake Up The Teams

One of the critical elements we here at Magnovo stress repeatedly to help build a sense of team not only within your immediate team, but throughout the organization – shake up the teams! Anytime you have a game or an activity that requires teams, people will immediately band up with their immediate co-workers and people that they’re familiar with. Mix it up!

Our facilitators randomly mix up the teams through a variety of methods to make sure that the teams are comprised of people from different organizations and teams. Their trained eyes can pick out the cut-ups, the pranksters, the shy folks, and ensure that there’s a good distribution of personality styles among the groups to make sure that nobody is excluded, and everybody has a chance to participate and feel valued.

Sneak The Learning In

It’s a PARTY! It’s supposed to be fun! But you can sneak in some learning without anyone realizing it, and turn your expense into an investment!

Don’t tell your party-goers that you’re having a “holiday team building event“, or “some training” in with your party. You’ll probably see some eyes roll, audience participation will probably be less than if you pitch it as a game or something fun, and a lot of people will look as about as enthused as Fluffy with the Santa hat here. As part of the team building exercises, expert facilitators can sneak in lessons on one or many experiential learning topics based around your team’s needs, including:

Personality Styles
Interpersonal Communication
Conflict Management

Bring In The Experts

You can do a quick internet search, find a whole list of holiday team building games, and throw together an event yourself. But you probably didn’t read through this article if you were just looking for a list of games to play, you’re looking for a way to make the party more memorable.

The philanthropic twist is the game changer, and while you can try to coordinate the team building activities, line up a local charity, and go through the ordeal of “herding cats” as you try to get your team reigned in and focused on the event at hand, you’re better off leaving that to the experts.

As a company specializing in charity team building events, we understand that you have a job to do, and you probably do it very well. This is our job, and we do it very well. Take a minute to talk to one of our experts, and see how we can help you turn ho-hum into ho-ho-ho with a holiday event to remember!