Holiday Team Building Exercises That Strengthen Leadership

Holiday Team Building Exercises That Strengthen Leadership 

Strong leadership skills are among the top attributes that employers look for in their current and future staff. Holiday team building exercises strengthen leadership. It is important for companies to be able to grow and operate on multiple levels in order to keep a production steady and maintain quality results. While many companies know the value of skilled leaders, it may not always be as present as the employer desires. Gaining valuable leadership skills is not only something that is attainable but can be achieved in a short amount of time.

The holidays are the best time to incorporate workshops and training into your skill development plan. Everybody is the mood to connect with each other and do something out of the ordinary in the office. Consider opting for team building exercises rather than a holiday party. You can still incorporate many of the things that people love about holiday parties—music, food, and lots of fun—while also working toward the ultimate goal of developing leadership qualities in your employees.

Types of Leadership Exercises

Leadership exercises can come in a variety of forms that can be customized for your company’s specific goals. A number of exercises focus on a number of strength training elements with leadership being one of those key focuses.

Wheel Charity Exercise

There are a number of charity exercises that can be offered, but specifically WheelCharity is a great way for your team to come together and also lead each other through the activity. WheelCharity is a special kind of option that allows your employees to build wheelchairs for donation and also have fun competing with each other. As with any task, this particular exercise will require some organization and goal-setting and achieving which are all part of leadership skills.

Team Synergy Activities

Team Synergy is a specially designed set of exercises that really get your team working together by discussing and solving real issues. Facilitators keep the group focused on the activity by ensuring that each exercise is fun and light, but also serves a purpose. Your staff will incorporate solid communication, strategic thinking and a collaboration to not only build personal leadership qualities but team leadership as well.

Puttin Pantry

If you really want to get your team working together and building strong problem-solving skills then Puttin Pantry is an excellent activity choice. This exercise creates a fun atmosphere of putt putt golf combined with giving back to the community. Food items and Astroturf become the materials used to create a small scale golf course for employees to compete against each other. The exercise of building the golf course requires the teams to work together, communicate with each other and negotiate optimal solutions.

Make the most of this holiday season by incorporating holiday team building exercises in your holiday routine. Not only can you tap into existing leadership skills within your team, but you can also help people develop skills they may not be aware that they possess.