Holiday Office Team Building Combines Learning with Fun

Holiday office team building is bound to get better results than the same activity scheduled at any other time of the year.

Why is this true? Because the holidays bring a certain mood and air of festivity in people and their environment. Unless they’re related to Ebenezer Scrooge, a holiday office team building event is something employees will actually look forward to with enthusiasm.

Focusing on personality styles

Understanding personality styles does not have to be a complicated – or boring – task. A holiday office team building event is the perfect time for a day of learning and laughter. Your team can take a look at how each style has different communication methods and underlying motivations, providing a basis for respect and productivity.
Employees not only learn each other’s capabilities but also how they can motivate one another and combine these capabilities through effective communication skills.

Enhancing communication skills

Communication skills should be a priority because these are the tools that create, strengthen and expand interaction between employees. Without effective communication skills, employees encounter misunderstandings, conflicts and arguments which, over time, build up resentment.

A holiday office team building event that boosts communication skills can be entertaining as well as beneficial in establishing rapport between employees. In this “feel good” atmosphere, employees participating in a holiday office team building event will be in a better mood to learn communication skills that can yield positive results. They can learn each other’s communication weaknesses and strengths based on personality styles, preferred communication styles to use or avoid in work situations, among other communication skills.

Building trust

Holiday Office Team Building Combines Learning with Fun Clients often come to us and say they want us to “build trust” within their team. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. In order to be trusted, you first have to be trustworthy. Once you’ve established that key element it can further develop into trust among team members. This encourages the kind of environment that reduces conflict and translates into higher productivity. With an understanding of personality styles and communication skills, your team will have a solid foundation to kick off the new year.

A holiday office team building event can help participants recognize interdependence and appreciate individual reliability through better communication. This kind of unique event can be customized by team building experts to include your initiatives or themes for the coming year.

Cooperation and communication among coworkers may sometimes prove difficult in an office setting throughout the year. But a holiday atmosphere can accomplish objectives faster because of the more relaxed environment the employees are in. The whole team building concept becomes not just a professional way to achieve work goals but an opportunity to strengthen relationships – or create new ones – with coworkers. In the end, even Ebenezer Scrooge came around!

Bring In The Experts

As a company specializing in charity team building events, we understand that you have a job to do, and you probably do it very well. This is our job, and we do it very well. Take a minute to talk to one of our experts, and see how we can help you turn ho-hum into ho-ho-ho with a holiday event to remember!