Holiday Charity Team Building

Holiday Charity Team Building

Nothing speaks to the holiday spirit like partaking in holiday charity team building. For this holiday activity, get team members together to make sock puppets for children in a local hospital or for a community center in a low-income neighborhood. Any one of these places would be happy to receive the puppet gifts created in this holiday charity team building exercise.

Make the Puppets

Choose a date and time that team members can meet together to assemble their gifts of holiday puppets. Provide ample materials, including various new socks, glue, felt, yarn, material scraps, construction paper, scissors, crayons, markers, buttons, needles, thread, and anything else you think will come in handy. Take advantage of the wide variety of socks now available and provide socks with stripes, polka dots, swirls, etc.

During this holiday charity team building activity, team members will first make eyes for the puppet by either drawing them on paper, cutting them out, and gluing them onto the sock, or sewing on buttons. The next step will be to give each puppet a head of hair using colored string or yarn. Glue on the hair, and be creative in your hairstyling!

The next step is to create a mouth by cutting a tongue shape out of paper and gluing it in the puppet’s mouth. Team members can then use their artistic skills to make an outfit for the puppet, using markers, material, felt, glitter, etc. One puppet might don a sporty tie, and another might be wearing a fancy hat.

Getting the Puppets Ready for Delivery

When the team members finish their puppet creations for this holiday charity team building, they can take some time to check out each other’s creations before boxing them up for delivery. Schedule a delivery time with your selected charity, and when the date arrives, have team members deliver the puppets and some holiday treats to the children.

The biggest payoff of this event is watching the joy spread over each child’s face when he or she receives a puppet.

Celebrate Your Team’s Holiday Charity Team Building

When the puppets have been delivered for this holiday charity team building event, be sure to let your team celebrate its efforts. They can return to the office for some holiday snacks and refreshments, or you can reserve a space in a particularly festive holiday venue or restaurant. Your team can celebrate their creations and spread some holiday joy together.