Happy Tails Makes Everyone Happy During the Holidays

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.

-John Muir

Everyone knows that pets make the world a better place. Pet ownership accounts for happiness, health, and a calm mental state…things we could all use more of, especially during the frantic Holiday season!

At this time of year, many of our clients are looking for a worthwhile way to celebrate the Season of Giving, which is why we came up with the Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop.

Designed to strengthen team communication skills while participants enjoy a fun session of holiday cheer, this workshop allows your team to give something to the community in the Holiday spirit: pet care packages for newly adoptive pet owners.

Helping a Local Pet Shelter During the Holidays: What Better Way to Celebrate the Season of Giving?

Local pet shelters across the country work tirelessly all year to care for our community’s pets. By taking in strays and helping out pet owners in countless ways, they provide invaluable services for us all.

Why not give back during the Holidays by choosing the Happy Tails workshop? Your team will be assembling pet care packages like so many elves…enjoying their time together with some Holiday cheer while doing something productive.

Pet shelters desperately need help …sadly, every year more than half the pets who enter shelters must be euthanized due to lack of resources and funding. Your group can alleviate this sad situation by making pet adoptions easier for would-be pet owners.

You see, the upfront costs of adopting a pet often prevent many adoptions from ever taking place. With a Happy Tails pet care package donation, these incidental expenses are taken care of by your team. Things like dog collars and chew toys are included, so pet owners don’t have to worry about affording them…especially during the Holiday season when their budgets are already stretched to the limit!

Holiday Cheer, Pet Care Packages…Even Time for Team Building!

There’s a lot going on during a Holiday Happy Tails team building workshop, but our facilitators make sure there’s still time for a lesson! In this workshop, we focus on exploring the various types of communication styles. Understanding the diverse range of styles brings everyone one step closer to improved interaction and better communication.

If you’d like to book a Holiday version of Happy Tails for your group, call now. The end of the year is our busiest time and slots fill up quickly.