Get Your Ghoul On with Fun Team Building Activities

Halloween can be a great opportunity to incorporate some fun team building activities into the usual office routine. These activities provide a welcome break from routine and give your team members a chance to mingle and collaborate. Halloween is a popular holiday, and you can use these activities for motivation, pleasure, and to stimulate teamwork.

Parade for a Day

One of many fun team building activities for Halloween is to celebrate by providing your team members with a chance to wear costumes of their own choosing. Let your team members come to work in their costumes, and specify a time when all of your ghoulish team members can parade through the office and meet together to share their costumes. Let the team members take time to guess what the other team members’ costumes are and share their design expertise. You can also incorporate a bit of competition into this activity by letting team members vote for a variety of costume awards—best costume, fanciest costume, scariest costume, funniest costume. Reward the winners with a small gift, such as a gift certificate, or maybe some sweet Halloween delights.

Get Your Ghoul On with Fun Team Building ActivitiesDon the Office with Decorations

Decorating the office is one of the fun team building activities that will spur creativity and interaction among team members. Have team members bring in various items that they want to use to decorate their work areas, and encourage team members to work together when decorating. As with the costumes, when the decorating is complete, you can provide rewards for the most imaginative, scariest, funniest, or quirkiest decorations. Pumpkin carving is also a great way to pull together team members and provides a fun contest opportunity. Provide pumpkins for team members and specify a given timeframe during which they can carve their pumpkins. This will bring back childhood memories and give team members a common ground for interacting and creating together.

Break Some Halloween Bread

One of the more luscious and fun team building activities is to sponsor a Halloween breakfast for your team members. Nothing brings people together better than food, and this provides a perfect opportunity to enable your team members to break bread together. Use a Halloween theme for your food items, and offer apple cider, cider doughnuts, pumpkin pies, pumpkin seeds, apple muffins, and whatever else comes to mind. Give your team members time to mingle as they indulge in the treats, and the day at the office will be off to a pleasant start.

Treats without the Tricks

You can devise a number of fun team building activities that allow your team members to share the holiday of Halloween together. Provide team members some time to play a bit together, have some treats, and get away from the daily grind. Give your team members some treats without making them perform any tricks, and you will have a happy crew on your hands.