Fun Team Building Ideas for Summer

Fun Team Building Ideas for Summer

The long, warm stretch of the summer months can provide a great opportunity for you to incorporate some fun team building ideas into your office’s daily routine. The summer days are a good time to venture out of the office and share a little sunshine while continuing to stress team building.

A Team That Builds Together Wins Together

One of the best and fun team building ideas for the summer is to have your team members build boats together using a variety of materials. Materials that you can provide for building include paper clips, Sellotape (a cellulose-based, pressure sensitive, transparent tape), blue tack, Post-It notes, needle-nosed pliers and scissors. The only other thing your team members will require are their hands.

Fun Team Building Ideas for SummerThe process is quite simple. Instruct team members to straighten the paper clips, bending one of the smaller ones into a U to create the hull with the needle-nosed pliers. They should continue to build the rest of the frame with the paper clips. When the frame is complete, team members can use the blue tack and the tape to cover the frame and build the rest of the boat. Team members can make a sail using the paper clips and post-it notes. When the boats are complete, they can set them sailing. A nearby pond or lake would provide the perfect place, but if you are landlocked, just fill up the office sink to discover who will sink or swim!

Launch That Idea

This is one of those fun team building ideas that will invigorate team members and initiate collaboration. The goal of each team is to build a catapult using the materials that they are given. Instruct the teams to design and create catapults that they will use to compete against each other to see which catapult throws the longest distance and which has the best accuracy. This task definitely unites the team members as they brainstorm with each other, build a prototype of the catapult, and then test and fine tune it. Once the competition is over, you can add another element by having all of the teams work together as one large team to create the very best catapult that they can using what they learned from the earlier competitions.

Drum Up Some Fun

Another one of the fun team building ideas is to pull team members together for a drumming session that will both energize and engage them. This activity will stress team harmony, and the team members will find it both enjoyable and relaxing. Don’t have any drums on hand? Don’t worry about it. Many everyday objects can be used as drums, and the first task for your team members will be to find objects that they can use for instruments. Team members can use a range of objects, including buckets, pots and pans, books, desk tops, counters. Team members can also create instruments other than drums with what they can find; for instance, a pair of spoons or a container full of metal paper clips.

Never Hesitate to Use Fun Team Building Ideas

As a team leader or facilitator, don’t hesitate to use fun team building ideas to stress the important aspect of a team, such as unity, cooperation, problem solving, creative thinking, negotiation, and resolution. A little fun on occasion is sometimes a great way to reinforce the qualities of a good team.