Fun Holiday Team Building in New York City

Fun Holiday Team Building in New York City

One of the best ways to have some fun holiday team building in New York City and get involved with the children of the city, particularly its neediest, is to partake in Operation Santa at the main Post Office in New York City, across from Penn Station. Each year children from all over the country send letters to Santa Claus requesting gifts or needed items. With this fun holiday team building, your team can fulfill some of those wishes.

How Operation Santa Works

When the mail is being processed, letters addressed to Santa are placed in an Operation Santa bin. The postal employees open and then sort the letters, copying the letters and assigning the same number to the copy and the original letter. The original letters are kept in a secured location. Once the child’s personal information has been moved from the copied letter, the letter is placed in a public area for adoption. Individuals can visit the Post Office and adopt a letter, then head out to fulfill the child’s holiday wishes, and return to the Post Office with a wrapped, boxed gift, ready for mailing. Once the postage is paid, the present is on its way.

The Business of Being Santa

As your team members set out on the business of being Santa, take advantage of this fun holiday team building by having them work together and collaborate in their efforts to spread holiday joy. Break your team down into smaller ones, pairing team members who don’t usually coordinate in the work place with each other to stimulate team building. Give each team a budget, and set a date and time for each team’s visit to the Post Office. At the Post Office, each team will receive ten letters to Santa. Team members will have to agree which letter to pick and which child’s wishes to grant. After each team has selected a letter, team members can return to the office to collaborate in regards to what gifts to buy for the child.

Wrapping Up the Fun Holiday Team Building

When each team has finished shopping for its child, team members will wrap the gifts and prepare the boxes for mailing. Selected team members can deliver the boxes and pay the postage. Wrap up this fun holiday team building with a small celebration afterwards. Provide some hot cocoa and cookies, or maybe even some mulled wine, and have a member from each team read the letter the team selected. Team members can then share with each other the gifts that they bought for the child.