Effective Ideas for Team Bonding that Engage Millennials

If you’re looking for effective ways to engage your Millennial staff,  corporate social responsibility must be incorporated in your ideas for team bonding. If they do, your team building success will soar!

Among the roughly 73 million Millennials born between 1980s and the late 1990s, approximately 40 million of them are part of the great American workforce. Equally significant is this sad stat: fewer than a third of them feel engaged at their jobs. Keep this in mind as you’re brainstorming ideas for team bonding with your Millennial staffers.

To most of us, the word “engagement” implies a level of commitment. It suggests that a promise has been made; a covenant is to be honored.  But when it comes to Millennials, you and other employers may be feeling as if you’re engaged in a conflict; a battle of wills and wits with their younger subordinates.

It’s not because Millennials are rebellious or insubordinate. It’s because millions of them aren’t being fulfilled personally by the work they do. And unlike their parents, they’re not willing to resign themselves to this lot in order to earn a paycheck.

Grander Expectations: We Baby Boomers grew up watching sci fi shows featuring mindless drones like the Borg, an alien hive-mind race featured in the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Ironically, Millennials are drawn through social media toward a hive mentality, but they not willing to relinquish their individuality.

In their minds, opportunities for professional development should be part of their employee package–like their health benefits. But they also want each work day to contribute to their personal and professional growth.

World Wide Web Mentality: Millennials have a global perspective on everything–from politics to popcorn. They interact with and impact the whole world every day. So naturally, they expect their jobs to encompass a world view as well. Therefore ideas for team bonding with Millennials absolutely have to reach beyond the office, otherwise the team building event will seem irrelevant and myopic to them.

During this upcoming holiday season, select one of our charitable team building workshops to engage these altruistic souls in the kind of socially responsible activities they can really sink their teeth into. You can prepare care packages for overseas military personnel; you could assemble a bike or a wheelchair for a needy recipient. You can even donate a dinner to a local family for whom the holidays would otherwise be very bleak.

For Millennials charitable team building workshops are better than mocha lattes. Each workshop will give them a generous dose of engagement that will feed their souls indefinitely.