Donate a Dinner: Team Building to End Hunger During the Holidays


Join the fight to end hunger in your community simply by choosing the Donate a Dinner team building workshop for your Holiday event.

Donate-A-Dinner-Team-BuildingWhen teams work together to overcome obstacles in this fun yet highly structured workshop, they not only develop valuable workplace skills, they also help to make a difference in the lives of others where it’s needed the most. And during the Holidays, those in need are even more vulnerable.

The common cause of lending a helping hand in the surrounding community works to bind team members together and encourages them to work harder. As they join together to overcome obstacles placed before them by our professional facilitators, their energies are focused by the driving force of finding common ground- everyone wants to succeed and make a big Holiday donation!

Donate a Dinner: Charity Team Building That Makes a Powerful Impact During the Holidays

Make your Holiday event something to remember by lending an important voice to the struggle against hunger in your community. It sure beats holding yet another same-old Holiday party! Your team will have fun- that’s pretty much a given…but they’ll participate in something larger by working together to contribute locally in the most direct way possible: helping to make Holiday dinners possible for folks who might not otherwise have any dinner at all…Holiday or otherwise.


Engaging for a Common Cause Means Your Team’s Success

We’ve seen it happen time and time again: when team members work for a common goal they perform better. What better way to take advantage of that concept than to join forces for the Holidays for a Holiday-themed team building event?

There are lots of organizations that serve Holiday meals- we’ll join up with any one of them you choose. We can suggest recipients for your donated dinners, or if you have an idea let us know and we’ll make the right calls to get it rolling.

Ingredients for Success: Holiday Spirit, a Well-Designed Curriculum & You!

We’ve got the experience as well as the team of professional facilitators …you simply bring us your team and let the Holiday spirit do the rest! Teams naturally compete to get the most points towards their donation- the more points they earn, the bigger the donation they’ll end up making in the end.

But teams should beware: if they don’t step up their game, the result will be fewer points. Here’s what they’ll need to succeed in the Donate a Dinner workshop event:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Big Picture Thinking
  • Improved Communications
  • Success in Dealing with Limited Resources
  • Improved collaboration with Colleagues

By working together to improve these skills, teams will also be earning points towards their donation for Holiday Dinners in your community. This is a high-energy workshop that feeds on the buzz we all feel during the Holidays…and turns it into something positive: a contribution towards the critical efforts to help those in need during the Holidays.

Charitable Giving During the Holidays: 501(c) Giving and Donate a Dinner

If you’d like to make a donation to a 501(c) organization, we can arrange for team points to translate to dollar amounts. The more points your team earns, the more fund your company will be donating to an federally recognized charitable organization.

Give us a call today or request a quote if you’d like to learn more, or even you have questions about setting up an exciting Donate a Dinner Holiday team building workshop for your group.