Create a Haunted House and Focus on Indoor Team Building

Create a Haunted House and Focus on Indoor Team Building

An excellent and challenging indoor team building activity for your team to get involved in on the days that lead into Halloween is to create a haunted house that employees can bring their children to on Halloween or some afternoon during Halloween week.

This activity will have team members donning their creative caps and putting a little spook in their step. Once you find a location for your haunted house, a company cafeteria or auditorium or an emptied out conference room, the indoor team building and creating can begin.

Design the Haunted Way

Before the team begins to create the different sections of the haunted house for this indoor team building project, they must mark out a path that will lead visitors through the house. You can mark the path’s way using strings of orange lights that you tack to the floor, fluorescent tape, or plastic lanterns or pumpkins lit with light bulbs. When the path is drawn out and laid down, the team can create barriers for separate rooms. They can hang sheets from ropes or use walls of cardboard or other materials.

Start Creating Spooky Spaces

The team can now split up into smaller teams and work on the different, uniquely decorated rooms in the haunted house, with something different happening in each room.

One room might have a huge kettle filled with water that is dyed red and has eyeballs bobbing about in it. The kids can then go bobbing for eyeballs. It’s easy! Decorate a bunch of ping pong balls to look like eyeballs, cut a tiny slit into each ball, and insert a third of a popsicle stick. In another room you can blindfold visitors and have them guess which body part is on a platter. Of course, the team will need to decide what they want to use to represent the parts. Food works great for many.

Another room can be filled with tables of ghoulish treats, like bloody sparkling drinks. Mummy dogs made with hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough that has been cut into strips and is wrapped around the hot dog. Use a few drops of mustard to give the mummies eyes.

Be sure to offer a variety of scary treats. Another room might have scary piñatas hanging from the ceiling. Your team will have a blast planning and creating the various rooms in their haunted kingdom.

Use Lights, Sounds, and Special Effects to Increase the Eerie Atmosphere

Though you want your haunted house to be adequately dark, the lighting that you do provide can add to the eerie atmosphere. Replace bulbs in lamps or on the walls with green light bulbs, and use a few spotlights or strobe lights to highlight some of the spookiest displays. You can use special effects like black lights and mirrors throughout the haunted house to confuse your visitors. And don’t forget the scary noises. You can use a recording, and you can have team members release blood curdling screams from time to time, or shake an empty can with coins in it to reproduce the sound of rattling chains. The sound of a chainsaw always sends a shiver up the sign.

Time for the Indoor Team Building Project to Come into Fruition

The air is cool and crisp, and the trees are changing color. Halloween excitement is in the air, and it’s time to open your haunted house up to its visitors. Before the doors open, every team member will don the costume of his or her choosing, as the team members will be the ghoulish guides who lead the visitors through the house. Now, throw those doors open and scary some tiny souls!