Community Building Activities Were Made for the Holidays

No other time of the year is tailor-made for community building activities like the holiday season. No matter the weather or the region in which you live, the holidays set a celebratory and festive tone for all comers. They engender a warmth of heart and a generosity of spirit that inspire people to give!

Such conviviality is the mark of the best community building activities. In the workplace, the merriment of the season can become infectious and employees eagerly search for ways to reach beyond their respective cubicles to touch their neighbors and spread holiday cheer. The most effective community building activities are those that impact real communities–the ones outside the corporate headquarters; the ones full of people in need of kindness and support to make their holidays truly happy ones.

By participating in our Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop you and your colleagues can help an animal-loving family give a puppy or kitten a forever-home. How? By offsetting some of the expenses associated with pet ownership. You’ll spend a fun-filled afternoon competing for, collecting, and donating a kind of pet starter-kit to a local animal shelter that’s eager to find a home for one of its charges.

Crates and kennels; chew toys; pull-ropes; furry toy mice; scratching posts; puppy or kitty treats; food and water bowls; grooming brushes; lint rollers; blankets; beds; pillows; collars; leashes; harnesses; toothbrushes and toothpaste. Even training pads to housebreak frisky puppies. These small items can take a big bite of a family’s pocket. But with your help, their kids may wake up to find the best surprise ever under their tree.

Our charitable team building workshops make easy work of community building among coworkers. This year alone, our team of charitable workshop facilitators have helped companies distribute stuffed animals to more than 1500 needy children from Utah to Washington DC; from Arizona to Pennsylvania; from Ohio to South Carolina.

Hundreds of bikes have rolled into the eager arms of kids in California, Tennessee, Texas, and Illinois. Equally welcomed, dozens of wheelchairs from Minnesota to Florida have helped transform the lives of people who were both disabled and home-bound. Hundreds of donations that have improved the quality of life for people all over the country–and each one was assembled, created, or donated by people just like you: corporate staff members who want to make a difference in their community.

Our charitable team building workshops are a contagion worth catching because we’ve learned over the years that it really is more blessed to give than to receive. And once you get hooked on the spirit of giving, you’ll stay hooked! That’s what the most successful community building activities were designed for!