Choosing the Perfect Holiday Team Building Venue

Another important ‘make or break’ detail is the choice of your holiday team building venue

When planning a holiday team building event, your choice of venue is not only crucial, finding one may just be your greatest challenge.
The ambience and atmosphere of the venue will largely influence the dynamics of the activities and the attitude of the participants, and the place you choose must be convenient and appropriate for your planned activities.

Here are a few key things to consider


Choosing the Perfect Holiday Team Building VenueYou will likely need plenty of space for your holiday team building activity. This can be tricky during the holidays, as hotels and resorts try to cater to as many groups as possible. You certainly don’t want to end up sharing some space with another organization, so be sure to talk to the venue about your specific space requirements. Nothing can kill your workshop fun faster than having some other group standing around watching you do an Egg Relay!

We provide our clients with recommended square footage for their holiday team building venue based on activity, duration, and the number of attendees.


Check if the venue can offer the required amenities for your holiday team building activities of choice. A good audio-visual system, wi-fi access, perhaps a dining area – these are just some basic things you will need to make sure that the participants and facilitators are comfortable and content.
Needs can vary greatly by workshop, time of day, number of attendees, etc – there are no “one size fits all” options here.


Many holiday team building events and parties include night activities that require lodging accommodations for participants. When choosing a venue for your holiday team building, make sure that there are enough rooms for all the participants within or very close to the activity venue. Transferring from your chosen venue to an offsite hotel could end up as a logistical nightmare if the locations are a considerable distance apart.


When choosing your venue, be sure to look around for potential distractions and steer clear.

A quaint resort by the beach is perfect for rest and relaxation, but may be too much of a distraction to qualify as a prime holiday team building venue. Likewise, the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas is certainly appealing, but the casinos do such a good job of luring people in that they may lure your team right out of your event and over to the roulette table!


When planning an outdoor or out-of-town holiday team building venue, make sure that the location is accessible and make arrangements for transportation to ensure that everyone gets there on time and in one piece. If you have team members with special needs, ensure that you account for them if you are arranging group transportation.

Book Early

The holiday season is prime time for company parties and holiday team building events!

It is important to book very early in the year for any holiday team building activity, especially if you are planning on having a large group.Remember that 90% of companies are going to host holiday parties, and there is bound to be an unusually large number of guests in practically every venue you can think of.


Hotels and resorts are the traditional venues for corporate team building events. However, you should know that there are alternative venues, especially if your holiday team building ideas have a unique twist.

Charity Team Building Events has even coordinated a bicycle team building event held onsite right at the charity! You can interact directly not just with each other but with the recipients of your philanthropy as well. If you opt to host your activities at a charity’s facility, be sure to make house rules very clear so that everyone maintains respect for the residents or occupants, and realize that adult beverages will most likely be banned from the premises.

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