Charity Themed Holiday Team Building Activity

A holiday team building activity benefits employees AND the company

Motivation is the ultimate goal of these activities, as any employee – no matter how devoted and motivated – will eventually feel caught in a routine that will decrease his or her productivity. Especially as the year is winding down! The holidays are the perfect opportunity for a team building activity, since everyone feels the spirit of the festive season. If you are still searching for a theme for this year’s holiday team building activity, charity is a great choice since it motivates employees to do something meaningful for others.

Focus on your objectives

Charity Themed Holiday Team Building ActivityOne of the most important elements of any holiday team building activity is placing the focus on objectives. The team members must be given a well laid out goal that they need to achieve by working together. When charity is the theme of the team building activities, these goals can be anything that is meant to bring a smile on someone else’s face.

You also want to ensure that your workshop is tailored towards the holiday season, and also tailored towards your team’s personalities and objectives. This may be as simple as lengthening or shortening the workshop to match attention spans, changing the delivery method, or changing the items the team is working together on.

Different charities also have different needs, especially during the holiday season. With a workshop like Wagon Builders, we can customize the contents of the wagon to provide the maximum benefit to the charity of your choice.

Motivation is the key to successful team building activities. Give your employees something to believe in, and help them find a way to achieve their goals. The warm feeling experienced when sharing and caring for others will stay with them for weeks to come, helping them work and perform better at the office.

Time and effort are more important than money

While the charity event options you could organize may include raising money for various charity goals, research shows it’s even more effective to involve your employees in an activity that is engaging and hands on. When possible, we like to have a representative from the receiving organization come in at the end of a holiday team building activity. When they say a few words about how your team’s donated items are going to make a difference…it’s a very powerful meeting wrap-up.

Make sure that the time and effort invested by your employees in these activities is, indeed, put to good use. They need to experience the feeling of satisfaction and personal accomplishment offered by sharing and caring for others.

Non-work related settings

Bring your holiday team building activity a bit of fresh air by setting it up in a non-work related setting. In order for your team to fully engage with each other and disconnect from the pile of work on their desk, it can be helpful to go offsite. Of course, around the holidays offsite meeting space can be at a premium. If you tie-in a charity theme for your workshop, maybe your meeting can be held at a Boys & Girls Club facility, a local food bank, or community center. When charity is the focus, the surroundings don’t have to be glamorous.

Employees aren’t always crazy about holiday parties, since most often they sit around and pretend to have fun while interacting with the same people they always interact with. With a holiday team building activity, you offer them a true opportunity to do something great together, using their hands and their minds, and engaging with each other.