Host a Christmas Talent Show as a Team Event

The Charity Holiday Team Building Triangle

A charity holiday team building event is the perfect way to end a year full of hard work and deadline after deadline. It will bring your teams closer to one another and give everyone that “reboot” they need after another year under their belts. After all, your company is only as good as your people, and you need your team excited and re-energized to tackle the upcoming year.
The charity holiday team building triangle gives you the three cornerstones elements for a successful event, and a successful team.

The Activities

Any team building session will be filled with activities that are carefully designed to bring people closer together, as well as reduce work-related stress. These activities bring out the best in everyone, taking into account the many various personalities we encounter on a daily basis in today’s corporate environment.

You want activities that allow people to reflect on their personal strengths and weaknesses, thinking about how to best use this in a team setting, without realizing that this is educational – make it fun! Since your team is a mixture of different people who bring different things to the table, and the right choice of team building activities will help the team work together to meet their common goal.

The Excitement

But even with well-designed activities, you have to make sure that with team building, everything is exciting. There are a lot of team building activities that may work theoretically, but if these activities are too boring, your people won’t want to participate. The key is to find a balance between making your team building activities educational and making them fun.

You would want your people to look forward to team building, but if it lacks excitement then it might just be something they dread. We’ve all heard the “Oh no, not another team building event“.

The Philanthropic Twist

Team building during the holidays is the perfect way to give back to the community while encouraging camaraderie. It’s great to instill a sense of generosity and giving back among your people, especially when it comes to your local community. By including philanthropy as one of the elements in your team building activity, you get the biggest bang for your buck:

• Team Building – this is why we’re here! Help the team work better together through learning activities.
• Sense of Giving – your team members feel good about giving back to the community!
• Charitable Contribution – the toys or gifts that your team builds during your event will help a local charity.
• Business Goodwill – every company wants to be a good corporate citizen, and many businesses are now stressing a new buzzword – Corporate Social Responsibility. Charity holiday team building is a surefire way to help to get your business recognized as a community contributor.

These elements are the perfect ingredients for the year-end recipe. With this holiday team building triangle, you get to build camaraderie and reduce workplace stress as well as empower and excite your people, while giving back to your local community.

Trust The Experts

If you’re an in-house trainer, or you have a group in your company that specifically does training, you could probably pull off a holiday team building event by yourself. While you can try to coordinate the team building activities, line up a local charity, and go through the ordeal of “herding cats” as you try to get your team reigned in and focused on the event at hand, you’re better off leaving that to the experts.

As a company specializing in charity holiday team building events, we understand that you have a job to do, and you probably do it very well. This is our job, and we do it very well. Take a minute to talk to one of our experts, and see how we can help you turn ho-hum into ho-ho-ho with a holiday event to remember!