Why Charitable Team Building Is a Great Theme for the Holidays

Charitable team building can help spice up your holiday season!

When it comes to holiday team building, most people imagine the same boring party at the office being held at the end of the year. However, this is not how things should look around your office with the holiday season around the corner. Do something fresh and exciting this year by getting your team members involved in charitable team building activities they will love and remember for many weeks after the holidays are over!

A season of giving and sharing

We’ve been doing a lot of workshops in the Ann Arbor and Detroit areas this holiday season, so we’ve included some of the local charities that we’ve been working with here.

The holiday season is the universal time of giving and sharing. Instead of planning the same party at the office like in any other year, get the people in your team involved in something meaningful, in the theme of the holiday season, and plan a charitable team building event.

Offer holiday trees to retirement homes

Why Charitable Team Building Is a Great Theme for the Holidays | Glacier Hills Senior Center
This season, your team can bring a smile to the faces of the elderly when you round everybody up for a charity action of giving holiday trees to retirement homes. Nobody should spend the holidays without a beautifully adorned holiday tree. Select a retirement home in advance, like the Glacier Hills Senior Living Community in Ann Arbor, MI, plan with their staff which day would work best for them, and gather your team to prepare. Once the tree is delivered to the senior home, have everyone participate in decorating the tree. Your team members will enjoy spending time out of the office doing something so selfless and meaningful, and the activity is guaranteed to bring joy to the residents.

Give away toysWhy Charitable Team Building Is a Great Theme for the Holidays | Toys For Tots

Have your team members purchase new toys or gather gently-used ones to give away to families in need. No one likes to see a child sad during the holidays because his or her family is unable to buy gifts. Get everyone on your team together to deliver the toys to a homeless shelter or other community center that provides gifts for families in need. Or you can work with an organization like the Detroit Toys For Tots. While you are all out of the office together, consider volunteering for a short time at the center where you delivered toys, or go out for a meal together.

Housewarming gifts

Why Charitable Team Building Is a Great Theme for the Holidays | Operation Homefront

Starting out in a new home can be tough, especially for young families that may not have support from family or friends. If you can identify a family in need that is just moving into a new home, you can get everybody on your team engaged in picking up a little something as a housewarming gift. Just imagine the great impression this action will have on everyone in your team. If you need help identifying such a family, look for organizations online that help families in your area get into new homes. The Central Great Lakes chapter of Operation Homefront can be a great resource for giving household items, toys, trees or food!

Gather school supplies

Why Charitable Team Building Is a Great Theme for the Holidays | Donor Choose Kids not only need toys, they need school supplies, too. If you and your team would like to offer support for educational programs in your area, you can do so by organizing a school supply drive that will be used by children after the holidays. Or if you want to give but don’t want to do the shopping, Donors Choose makes it easy to support schools in the Ann Arbor and Detroit areas.

Cook for the needy

What your team members may need most this holiday season is to do something with their own two hands. Organize a special cooking event for people in need, and put together a festive meal for them. Your team members will have a chance to demonstrate their cooking skills and they will love being able to offer a bit of happiness to those in need.

Charitable team building activities are much more meaningful than standard parties, so, if you’re looking for something new this festive season, think charity!