Building a team

Building a Team On a Foundation of Charity

Like any other kind of construction, building a team requires careful planning, a well drafted blueprint, and available expertise in a variety of disciplines to assure success. The raison d’etre for building a team within a corporation should be reflected in the company’s mission statement. Whether you sell goods or services or both–whatever your business–the clarity with which the mission statement is communicated will help you forge a strong team among individuals who understand their role in bringing the company’s vision to fruition.

That vision or mission is your foundation; it will inform both the development of your business plan and your goal-setting strategies. It will guide you, as one of the company’s leaders, through the preliminary stages of team building.

Like a well crafted business plan, one of the best blueprints for building a team at work is regular participation in charitable team building workshops. Why? Because when benevolence is a part of your business model and social conscience is company policy, both the corporation and the staff are more likely to flourish.

Charitable team building workshops can provide the mortar that binds employees together and molds them into a single-minded unit. The key to building a team is unity, and that’s a more attainable goal when the members of your team have kindness and charity on their minds instead of production deadlines, corporate ladder-climbing, and sales quotas.

One of life’s happiest paradoxes is that people “find themselves” more readily when they’re thinking about others. During a charitable team building event like our Wagon Builders Workshop, you and your staff will spend an afternoon competing for parts to assemble a bright red wagon–like the one you had as a kid. The grand finale will be stuffing it with toys for a needy child in your city.

Local charities, social service organizations, hospitals, and other first-responders will make sure that your toy-filled Red Flyer is delivered safely into the hands of an eager child for whose parents such luxuries are well beyond their family budget.

During this friendly competition and assembly, you’ll get to know your colleagues on a more personal basis. You may even get to know yourself a little better and so will your coworkers. Ice will be broken. Hearts will warm and some will even melt.  Friendships–real ones–will form; and many will last beyond your tenure at work. In the process of building a team, you’ll find that you’ve build a solid, reliable, loyal workforce that you can bank on.