Everyone Feels the Holiday Cheer in The Big Picture!

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-BuildingImagine an office Holiday event where everyone comes together to have a good time, improve their team skills and celebrate the Holidays all at once…that’s what our Big Picture Holiday Workshop is all about. Your team members aren’t just celebrating the Holiday season- they’re bringing it alive by forming new bonds, improving their workplace skills and making something for others. Now that’s something to celebrate!

The Big Picture Brings Everyone Together…

One thing team members must recognize in order to complete their Big Picture is that it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. Each and every person in the workplace has his or her own unique set of skills and they’re all essential to forming a vibrant, healthy workplace that values the input of all its members.

Your team will be performing activities designed to draw out the creative mind in everyone…they’ll have fun but also be challenged by the discovery of all the different personality types. To complete their mission, they’ll be bouncing ideas off one another, reinforcing the concept that although not every idea is a winner, they’re all important. One never knows what’s going to inspire someone else… so get your ideas out there. From a seemingly “jumbled” patchwork of brainstormed ideas comes a successful plan, a new idea, a vision for the future…whatever your Big Picture needs to be!

A Holiday Theme Inspires Creativity in Everyone

Holiday-themed collage materials are used by the team, who collaborate to produce a group masterpiece. In keeping with the Holiday spirit, art supplies are donated afterwards.

By focusing on an art project, we’re encouraging team members to learn the value of a diverse set of minds. The idea is that by acknowledging the value of all ideas in the group creative process, individuals will lose their fears and contribute more. Some of the skills which are targeted include:

  • seeking out information from co-workers, then sharing it
  • letting go of fears over participating in a group setting