A Twist on the Summer Picnic that Promotes Team Unity

A Twist on the Summer Picnic that Promotes Team Unity

Most companies and organizations sponsor a summer picnic to celebrate the summer months, most often near the Fourth of July, and you can use this opportunity to work on team unity. Since this event usually includes both employees and their families, why not put a twist on that summer picnic that will be both fun and challenging?

Instead of having the basic summer picnic, have your team or organization develop, create, and sponsor a summer carnival instead. Team unity will have to be a focus for the carnival to be a success, as team members will have to work together to create games, provide activities, and prepare food for the carnival. Divide your team or organization into smaller teams that will be responsible for particular tasks. The Game Team creates the games, the Activity Team will come up with activities, and the Treats Team will decide what kind of food will be served.

The Game Team

Nothing boosts team unity like having to brainstorm and create together. The Game Team’s job is to decide upon, develop, and create at least seven carnival games using whatever supplies and resources they can acquire. A wide variety of games are perfect for a carnival. One team member can work on a board for a bean bag toss competition, another member can decorate bottles and rings for ring toss, and another can make a butterfly dart board using balloons to form a butterfly and bean bags to burst the balloons. The ideas are endless.

The Activity Team

Having a group of people come up with fun and interactive activities is another way to pump up team unity. The Activity Team will be responsible for deciding on, developing, and creating a minimum of seven carnival activities to keep the children engaged and happy. These activities can range from being incredibly simple to quite elaborate. Some of the simpler activities can include a tug-o-war with a rope with an added creative slant, a human being wheel barrow race, a face painting booth, and a ball throw through a hanging tire. Your more elaborate activities could be those that entertain in different ways, like a puppet booth or some kind of sensory experience.

The Treats Team

Folks who plan a meal and cook together definitely depend on team unity. The Treats Team will decide how to feed the carnival goers. This team will decide what will be served at the carnival, including such items as beverages, popcorn, caramel apples, cotton candy, hamburgers and hotdogs, cupcakes, ice cream cones. This team will be heavily dependent on the supplies they need and can afford to buy. Does it have the money to rent a cotton candy machine? Team members can each select a treat to be responsible for, and three or four team members can volunteer to man some grills to get those hamburgers and hotdogs going.

Team Unity and Triumph

When team unity works at its best, the results can be very triumphant. This summer carnival activity will definitely heighten a team’s unity as it works together to host a summer carnival that is fun and entertaining for all involved.