A Tasty Team Activity for the Holidays

A Tasty Team Activity for the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time to sponsor a team activity. Let your team undertake some activities that will be both enjoyable and challenging during this time of year. They will appreciate a break from their daily schedules and the opportunity to interface in a different way.

Gingerbread House Creations

One Christmas team activity that you can use is to have your team make gingerbread house creations. Team members will be using their creative energy and planning skills to build and decorate the best Gingerbread House that they can. Break your team down into smaller teams, and provide each team with the gingerbread that they will need, icing, decorations, sprinkles, candy, and any other Christmas goodies you can find. Instruct the teams to pick sturdy bases for their house, like a heavy piece of cardboard or a cookie sheet, and cover the bases with foil. Use the icing as the glue that will hold together the house’s walls, floor, ceiling, and rooftop. They can also use the icing to fill gaps and add stability.

Let the house’s main structure dry for an hour before adding the pieces for the roof. Once the house dries and the team constructs the roof, the focus is the chimney. After the chimney is in place, the decorating can begin, using the icing to adhere the different decorations. Make sure the teams don’t forget the landscaping around the Gingerbread House. This team activity will stress collaboration, delegation, creativity, and communication as your teams build and decorate together. When the activity is complete, the teams can either eat their Gingerbread Houses or decide on a local charity or community center to whom they can donate the houses.

Making Mulled Wine

If you want a team activity that allows your team to share a bit of relaxing merriment, then having the team make mulled wine is timely idea. Mulled wine is a holiday beverage that is traditional around the world and a warm and spicy way to ring in the holiday. Have your team divide into smaller teams, and provide each team with red wine; oranges, lemons, and a variety of other fruits; and cloves, cinnamon, and any other holiday spices that you can find. You will also need to provide each team with a hot plate, a pot, and a large spoon or ladle.

Each team will work together to come up with a unique mulled creation. While the wine is brewing, instruct each team to devise a marketing strategy for their special drink, including a slogan and a name. When the wine is ready and the teams are partaking in each other’s creations, they can reveal the slogans and names.

Embrace the Happy Team Activity

A team activity doesn’t always have to be a grueling exercise. Be willing to embrace more light-hearted and fun-focused activities occasionally, especially on the holidays. Your team will appreciate the opportunity to relax with each other and have some time to play.